FinalOrder 215GP looking for 1 more before TB's

Hello there,
Looking for people 3GP plus DR or solid Clone/Geo teams. We got 26 stars last DS Geo and we were down a few people. Would love to have 50 today as we've had a lot of upgrades.
Also looking for people that participate in all phases of TB's and participate in TW's if they sign up, we get close to full participation in both guild events.

Daily/active players is really what we're looking help the guild and each other!

Discord is mandatory as we discuss strategies. You do not have to participate but just good to know what event strategies might be. If you have any questions about how to sign up we can help you with it.
Raids are 8:30 PM ET, the pit is simmed.

I opened the group to public for now so if you meet the requirements feel free to join. Independent so no sister guilds!

Group Name: FinalOrder


  • Have 3 spots open if you're looking for a Geo guild that should get 27 or 28 this time around. We are very competitive in TW's and all members help on both O and D. So very active guild for the GP. If you enjoy playing the game and participate in all guild events come join us!

    Group Name: FinalOrder

    We are set up as public so feel free to join right now! Looking for 3 mil plus or a really well rounded roster
  • Now that TB's is over is a good time to join. Have a couple spots open
  • Had another win in TW’s. If you’re looking for a guild with a good group of guys that has full team effort in TW’s this would be a great guild for you.

    Check more info above and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

    Name: FinalOrder

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