Bounty Hunter Friends

I'm a big fan of the mandalorian and look forward to farming his shards, and want to focus my account on all bounty hunters until I have them all or maxed out before moving onto other characters. I need more friends with Bounty hunter leaders, everyone I run into is running sith, jedi, empire, characters to borrow. If anyone else is going mainly bounty hunters please add me. 252-485-199


  • Try asking your current allies to set a bounty hunter leader. All they have to do is one manual run with their bounty hunters and then back to simming.
  • Somewhat new to the game so haven't figured out how to talk to anybody but clan members, Just figured out that I do have bounty hunter friends with Bobba Fett set, the one character I've focused all my resources on.... So to have a full bounty hunter squad I either gotta lose my strongest character for somone elses Bobba Fett or keep refreshing the mission node till someone with a bounty hunter shows up.
  • Thanks everyone!!!! I can finally use my dream team with awesome bounty hunter allies that rock!
  • I can set up a jango, bossk, Karga, Mando lead if you want
  • Bossk is beast with his abilities and a great tank, thanks to the people who have helped me through this forum I'm really just farming stuff now, if you add me I guess it would be a great help to get through the catina battles since with the new help I finished mods and still need to unlock the 9th tab for dark side battles to farm my own bossk. Thanks star wars community, I hope this game gets more playable content vs money grabs.
  • Ally codes?
  • Heyyy ummmm I have embo as a lead but I think the bounty hunters need an actual healer I find it tough when my team goes against what it can but I find embos payout/leadership takes too long to trigger and sometimes it isn't worth it so let's add a bounty hunters healer
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Use zBossk lead or add Greef to your squad.
  • Add me for a decent Greef, I maxed out his healing ability so all debuffs gone at the use of it not just the one time payout. I keep Bobba as leader so be sure to messege me where you need greef.
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