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Hey all, I have a question about what I should about GAC. I'm in Division 11 with a GP of 598k, which means if I increase my GP then I'll be put in division 10 and potentially fight people with 800k GP (not entirely sure how the matchmaking works, just that you fight people in your division). I've looked at the leaderboards and I don't think I can compete against these teams yet (there also seems to be a lot of people who purchased the hyperdrive bundle in this division as well based off their roster). I stopped increasing my GP 2 weeks ago (I'm still farming characters, gear, etc) to increase my chances to get #1 in GAC. I did this because I want to get the zeta materials. I should have won my first GAC but I made several misplays in my first match and lost. I came in #4 in the 2nd GAC. This means I've gotten at least 2 zeta materials so far from GAC. My question is this: should I continue doing this?

Background on me: I'm not able to complete the zeta material fleet challenge because I don't have enough ships at 5 stars. This is my primary focus. I am a returning player that invested in a lot of bad characters and didn't use my resources wisely. I know starting over is smarter but I've been trying to fix my mistakes instead. My goal was to stop increasing my GP until I unlock Jedi Knight Revan or have enough ships to do the zeta material fleet challenge. I use 150 crystals a day in regular energy refreshes for hard mode characters. I use my GW and fleet arena currency on ships.

My roster is here:

Side note: I can make ezra, kanaan, chopper, and dengar *7, I have hera 50/100 shards until *7, I can make jango *3, I can unlock bossk at *2 and HT at *3, I can make the ghost ship *3, I can unlock phantom II at *2 once I have sabine (work in progress), I'm 56/65 on ITF ship to make it *5, and lastly I can make the scimitar *5.

I have 5 million ship building materials and 25 million credits. I can make yoda gear 11, jolee gear 10 and can almost make bastila gear 11 (missing 10 mk 5 stun guns). I know I need to save gear for revan too but I haven't looked into it yet.


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    I won't be worried too much about GAC matching. As long as you don't deliberately inflate your roster, you will do fine. Actually there is no point controlling your GP to stay in a lower division. Because you are likely to be matched with top end players in your division, while going into a new division you will be matched with people on the lower end, who potentially have similar shortcomings like you.

    Your roster is not that utterly bad. Just try to focus on toons with synergies (same faction). As far as I can see, your Jedis are most far developed. I would start farming JKA and in parallel build up a separatist team to get Padme. Focus on building up a JKR team and Padme team. They will help you in GAC big time.
  • Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to search for players based off GP alone? I was using the GAC leaderboard to do it but it doesn't do it very well.
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    Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to search for players based off GP alone? I was using the GAC leaderboard to do it but it doesn't do it very well.

    Do you mean that ?

    The GAC leaderboard does not offer GP based search.
  • In one of my accounts I was division 11 as well, and I think you should treat division 11 separately. It's a paradise. There's almost no contest there as not a lot of good players who reach level 85 with less than 600k GP. Back then I deliberately stayed there for a month. There were so many easy wins. So my suggestion is to stay there until you get your toons at least a bit stronger and have 1 good fleet and 3 good teams
  • Yea that's kind of what I'm looking for except I can't seem to filter the GP range or select what page to go to. I wanted to look at players around 600k GP but I guess I have to settle for the GAC leaderboard.

    That's part of the reason I want to stay in it. Easier match ups.
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    Matchmaking is by top {x} character GP where {x} is number of defense squads x characters per squad x 2. And when fleets are included it probably includes ship GP in a similar manner. It is never by total roster GP so looking at that will not help you.

    Typically you will get easier.matches at the bottom end of a division's GP range so moving up a division would be a good idea, assuming those are upgrades you would nake anyway.
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    At the top of a division, you'll find other players who are staying there on purpose anyway.
  • I don't feel like I have enough squads. On defense I usually do: plasma, vader, sidious + clone wars chewbacca, jawa, mace windu + barris, zeb, and chopper.

    On offense I usually do: bastila, yoda, jolee (I omit jolee if I can) + boba, old ben kenobi, biggs/luminara (I omit biggs/luminara if I can) + hera, ezra and kanan (omit hera if I can).

    My worry is when I have to do 5v5 GAC because I'm not sure how the rotations work. 3v3 doesn't seem common according to the forums.
  • You are right about the divisions. I didn't realize the division is locked for the full 5 week championship. I just found that out today (this is my 3rd week of GAC). This means you can fight people with 650k - 700k GP by the end of the championship (what I'm currently experiencing). This means I would need to decide if I'm going to increase my GP or not this week.
  • Well then if I were you I would wait until this week ends and the division is locked before I start increasing GP This way you can both get easy matches and gear up your toons as well. As I said, Division 11 is an exception. There aren't any people who stay there on purpose, as nearly all good players start level 85 GAC at Division 10. Perfect solution.
  • Yea, that's a good plan. I might do that. I'll see how GAC goes this week.
  • So I asked this question in general discussion because I figured it was a different topic but I guess it relates here too. My ability MK III materials are low and slow to get, so what's a good minimum ability level a defense squad in GAC should have if the characters are lower geared/lower stars?

    For example, my most geared/ability teams are my Jedi and Phoenix. My next squad will be empire, bounty hunters or sith. My main issue is that most of these characters have so many abilities to increase to make them usable, so I know I have to choose a path. Right now I'm farming Jango, Bossk, and the old republic characters for both Revans. I know my next squad should probably be empire but I would rather it be bounty hunters because of the galactic bounties I and II events.

    Empire (Palp or Thrawn lead): Emperor Palp *7, Thrawn *7, Vader *7, Tarkin *7, and Tie Fighter Pilot *5 (I could omit TFP or Tarkin for *3 Shoretrooper, but I use both of their ships).

    Bounty Hunters (Mandalorian or Bossk lead): The Mandalorian *3, Boba Fett *7, Greef *3, Jango *3, and Bossk *2

    Sith (Palp lead): Emperor Palp *7, Vader *7, Sion *3, Nihilus *3, and Fallen Bastila *5 (could use Darth Maul *7 because I have his ship at *5 but his abilities are only level 3).

    Note: Some of these characters are not unlocked but I have the shards ready to do so when I decide to increase my GP. Also, Vader and Boba Fett are my most geared/ability characters currently in this list. The rest I could make gear 7 or 8, but their abilities are only level 3.
  • Can you tell us exactly which light side toons you have?
  • For the three dark side teams, do it this way:
    Empire: EP, Vader, Tarkin, Thrawn, TFP.
    BH: Bossk L, Boba, Jango, Greef Mando
    Sith: Traya Lead (IMPORTANT, you can't use Palp in two squads, and Traya's 10 times better for Sith. Get into a good guild ASAP), Sion, Nihilus, BSF, Maul.
    Also, you'll find your arena rank dropping if you farm so many toons at once. Go for only 1 Revan (Drth Revan recommended for your case, he's the better Revan anyway). It's okay to put down your BH farm as well if you feel like it. Don't farm anybody else.
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    Now for the ability mats problem, here's the tier list for you, I included omegas as well but not zetas. BH also not included, just keep them at three, it's your weakest team, no sense in wasting resources on them for the time being. For the ones I didn't mention (or the ones I marked Omega but you don't have enough materials), just get them to the next +15% damage upgrade if it's 5 or below. Otherwise don't touch them. Hope this helps.
    BSF Fear Omega !!!!!
    EP Power of the Dark Side (5) !!!!
    BSF Corrupted Battle Meditation (Omega) !!!
    High Priority:
    Traya Deceptive Strike (Omega)
    Traya Compassion is Weakness as high as possible
    Thrawn Fracture (Omega)
    Thrawn Grand Admiral's Command (Omega)
    Thrawn Ebb and Flow as high as possible
    Vader Culling Blade (4)
    Vader Terrifying Swing (5)
    Vader No Escape as high as possible
    EP Emperor of the Galactic Empire as high as possible
    Tarkin Grand Moff's attack (Omega)
    Tarkin Intimidation Tactiics (Omega, 7 if you can't)
    Tarkin Ultimate Firepower (Omega, 6 if you can't)
    Traya Isolate (Omega, if you can't just as high as possible)
    TFP Evasive Maneuvers as high as possible
    TFP Targeting Computer (5 or 7)
    TFP TIE Strike (5 or 7)
    EP Cackling Doom as high as possible
    Vader Force Crush (Omega, at least 5 if you can't)
    BSF Wild Lightning (6)
    Maul Power of Hatred as high as possible
    Maul Whirling Blades (6)

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    Thanks for the reply. My roster is here:

    You answered a lot of questions I had. I don't feel like I'm doing that well in GAC so I decided to increase my GP today. Hopefully division 10 will be better, we'll see. I'm in an amazing guild already. They've helped me a lot. My arena team is Bastila *6 (close to *7) gear X (close to XI), GMY *7 gear XI, Jolee *4 (close to *5) gear X (close to XI), Ezra *7 gear 8, and Old Ben *7 gear 9. I'm close to Hermit Yoda *5 and General Kenobi *5. I'll swap these two for Old Ben and Ezra eventually (unless I get JKR first - then I'll use him instead of Ezra and Hermit Yoda). My arena shard is one of the originals so I'm fighting a lot of gear 12-13 and relic players around rank 500. I know I won't be able to push this rating much until I get more gear on my Jedi. I'm even further behind on fleets but it's a work in progress. The top of my arena bracket is full of GL and the top of my fleet arena is nego/mal *7 ships.

    How I increased my GP: I geared Jolee to X and GMY to XI. My ability material MK III and other gear went to my bounty hunter squad. I unlocked HT *3 and Bossk *2. I promoted characters (Jango *3, Consular *5, Ahsoka Tano *5, Resistance Pilot *5, Ezra *7, Kanan *7, Chopper *7, will promote Hera to *7 soon). I leveled up Vader and my phoenix squad to 85. I leveled up my bounters to 75 (Boba was already 85). I ended up making Mando lead to potentially use my BH on offense in GAC and use phoenix on defense instead (we'll see how matchups work). I used omega abilities on vader and on every phoenix's unique ability. I worked on the pilots Bossk, Vader, Ahsoka, Resistance Pilot and Consular (I only promoted Ahsoka, RP, and Consular to *5) to help me in fleet battles/defense in GAC.

    Why I didn't use certain teams: I don't have Traya yet. I'm 90/145 shards on her. It'll be around 2 months before I get her I think. Sion and DN are level 1 and gear 1.

    I didn't want to use cantina energy on TFP. He's *5 and I felt like I would need to get him to *7. I'm going to use my cantina energy on Mission Vao and T3-M4 for JKR. Once I have him then I can make a subpar Jedi team on defense with Zeta Bastila (I need 8 more zetas or so). Rest of my future zeta will go toward JKR to increase my arena rating. Also, people say empire teams are not very good.

    Your break down of the abilities showed me squads can still be decent with low ability levels. I dropped like 120 ability MK III on my BH team (Mando *3 Lead, Bossk *2, Boba *7, Jango *3 and Greef *3). I'm going to keep working on Bossk and Jango each day. I think in a month Mando and Greef will be farmable so I will farm them eventually too.

    Overall I'm trying to be selective on my GP now. Only increasing it on things I think will matter long term.

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    Full Squad Recommendation:
    Bastila Jedi: Bastila (L), zJolee, GMY, Old Ben, Ezra
    Phoenix: Hera (L), Biggs, Kanan, Zeb, Chopper
    BH: Mando (L), Greef, Jango, Boba, Bossk
    Empire: EP (L), Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, TFP
    GR Jedi: QGJ (L), Lumi, Barris, Mace, Clone Wars Chewie
    Sith: Maul (L), BSF, Sidious, Jawa, Daka
    Mix 1: Phasma (L), Dengar, Cad, Ackbar, Consular
  • The main problem with your roster, as it is with most people, is that it's all over the place. Too many unnecessary toons. If you want to climb (I'm talking about in the next few years), focus. . Only gear and farm these toons from now on:
    Bastila, Jolee, GMY. (for certain)
    Mando, Greef, Boba, Jango, Bossk.
    BSF, HK, Canderous, Carth, Juhani.
    Mission, Zaalbar, T3-M4.
    Among sets 2,3, and 4; choose two out of the three.
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    Yea I know I made a lot of bad choices. That's why I mentioned in the first post that it's probably smarter for me to start over but I want to own my mistakes and move forward. I don't plan on touching most of my roster again. My main focus is Jedi. I want to have JKR, General Kenobi, GMY, Bastila and Jolee all *7 gear 12 minimum. I only geared phoenix because I felt that I had to for Thrawn. I would like to eventually get GAS too because clone troopers are awesome. The rest I don't know. GLs are way too far away to even think about.

    I've only been back in the game for about 3 months now and I feel that I've made a lot of progress in the right direction. Most of my roster/characters that I developed were around the time the game started. I haven't touched them since.
  • Well you're on the right track now farming JKR. He can counter GL Rey with GAS. You'll catch up before you know it
  • Hopefully so.
    Rath_Tarr wrote: »
    Matchmaking is by top {x} character GP where {x} is number of defense squads x characters per squad x 2. And when fleets are included it probably includes ship GP in a similar manner. It is never by total roster GP so looking at that will not help you.

    This part kind of confuses me still. How do I know how many defensive squads I will have? In 3v3 in Division 11 I had 3 defensive squads. Will this be the case for 5v5 too? Is the amount of defensive squads possible based off division or GP?
  • There's a list of defensive squad number at swgoh help. Google "swgoh grand arena" and you'll find it, it's up top
    Here. All you need to know about GAC
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    Wow, 4 defensive teams for 5v5 without ships is possible. Then you need 4 for offense too. That will be really rough. It's definitely going to take me a while before I catch up.
  • When in doubt, go offense.
  • Rath_Tarr
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    When in doubt, go offense.
  • CrownedPrince
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    I wish I got more ability MK III. I could make a lot of squads playable if I did. Most characters need like 60-100 materials each, but I'm loving my bounty hunters so far. They do a lot of damage despite being low stars. If you can get a kill with Greef's special ability then they're a total powerhouse.

    I won my first GAC last week. This week I misplayed hard and lost it, feels bad lol.
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