Best dark side squads for geo territory battle

Outside of the required dark side toons (geonosian squads, separatist droids, separatists) and darth revan teams, which dark side factions are effective in dark side geo territory battle?


  • Nightsisters, Traya led teams are pretty reliable.
  • Bounty Hunters, some other Sith teams (zEP lead). Quite a few options.
    I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Triumvirate. Can't remember ever not getting 4/4 with them. At this point I could probably do it on auto. Today I ran Maul and Sidious as 4th and 5th but really any sith will work as long as properly geared and modded.
  • Akenno
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    Trio, BH, Imp, NS.
  • Vendi1983
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    FO when relic'd are pretty good so far. Only have 3/5 at G13 and they easily do 4/4 up to phase 3. I had FOX fight Shaak + 2 other clones for ten minutes by himself on P1.

    Also EP lead with BSF/DR or Dooku is also pretty sweet.
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