Can i unlock 7 star padme



  • Anyone
  • I am only level 78 so it will take me time to unlock padme
  • Guys help
  • I dont know who to geat up and what to mod
  • Guys please i need your help who should i omega
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  • I am about to gear 10 my nute
  • Shuster123 wrote: »
    I am about to gear 10 my nute

    Nute is helpful. Farm all the geos (bugs) and they can do it. You will need brood alpha to make them really work.
    Another good team is Grevious with the droids, B1, B2, droidaka and magna.
    Both full bugs and full droids are solid teams, but if you can't farm GBA or GG Nute is a great sep leader.

    Dont keep spamming your post, people will answer when they answer. There is a thread below yours saying what people used to get her.
  • I a hav not unlocked gbt level and geos are useless without him is there any other way
  • Hexen_Jagar
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    I used Asajj lead, Dooku, Poggle for his passive offense boost and some randoms I think, but my Asajj has her zetas and was g12.5 at the time.

    I'm sure you can do it with your line up. Nute, dooku or poggle, asajj, magna and b2.
  • Scrap Poggle and get Asajj and B2 to 7*. Then gear Asajj to at least G12. Add gear to her as needed after that. B2 and Magnaguard you’ll probably need at G11. Nute you can get by at G10. Dooku will need to be at least G10+. I’d recommend him at G11 though.

    Also make sure to put the zeta on Nute. Asajj and Dooku zetas would be nice as well but I doubt you’ll have enough zeta/ability mats by the time you unlock her.

    You should be able to 6* fairly easily. The last tier is a major PITA and where you’ll need to figure out the additional gear you’ll end up needing
  • ir21tiny
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    I did it with G10 nute G11 dooku G11 geo soldier G9 B2 G9 magnaguard
  • I really dont want t9 have to gear 12 anyone i am free to play
  • Can i do the event with a gear 11 assaj no zetas and a nute lead
  • Shuster123 wrote: »
    I really dont want t9 have to gear 12 anyone i am free to play

    It seems like a big investment but it is worth it. Find a guild that can do heroic raids so you have more gear income.
    I'm also free to play, it just means we have to be more cautious with our gear.
  • Ok gear 12 assaj 2 zetas
  • I realy want to save my zetas for padme anakin and ahsoka
  • @Shuster123 Nute lead(omega is key), Dooku, Ventress, Magnaguard, and B2 should do very well in the last tier of the Padme event. Focus on getting everyone at least gear 9, and Ventress as high as possible, gear 12 would make the event pretty easy, but 10-11 is great too. Also try to get Dooku up to 10, as well as as many of the others as possible.
    Don't panic, you're in good shape. Do you have JKAnakin and Ahsoka? They are needed for a Padme team, along with General Kenobi(it'll be a while before you get enough shards from raids), and C3PO or GMYoda. For now, you can fill in other Galactic Republic toons, like Fives, and GMYoda if you have him.
    As for mods, Magnaguard should be straight health sets, with health and protection primaries. Dooku should be the fastest, followed by Nute. Dooku should have a focus on speed and potency(so he can land his stuns), and Nute should have a focus on speed and survivability(health/protection). B2 should have as much potency as possible, his buff and healing immunities are key. Ventress should have as much offense as possible, she deals tons of damage, along with some extra health/protection.
    Try and get into a guild that does the heroic AAT raid so you can start getting Kenobi shards. If you need one, Malevolence Omega Padawans is a great guild.
    You should not need any zetas to beat this event, don't put any on Asajj. Save them for Padme's team. The zeta order should be Padme's two zetas, then Ahsoka, then Anakin. But after that, putting a zeta on Dooku and/or Nute would help out your Separatist team a bunch, those sepy's make a very good team.
    Hope this helps you, your doing well so far.
  • Old_Ben12345
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    For the event, Nute's omega is very important, it gets extortion spreading like a wildfire. Don't put any zetas on him or dooku. Dooku is good for his stuns, and his master of makashi, which puts everyone except magna guard under stealth. Ventress is your damage dealer. Magnaguard is your tank, and will taunt all the time to keep the enemies off your more valuable characters. B2's special is VERY important, as it will dispel all the opponents' protection up that Padme gives them in the event, instead of having to hack through it, plus he puts healing and buff immunity.
    If you have any more questions just ask.
  • Thx
  • I just shocked myself by finally getting 7 star padme... With very low gear. I was trying to use all Geo's but I couldn't upgrade sun fac and spy past level 9... It was taking ages so I started messing around. I realised levelling jango was a lot easier than the Geo's so I got him to level xi and gave it a try...sxn64u58p0hl.jpg
  • KaiserKobayashi
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    It was really easy to become a lost cause quickly but I spent a load of credits giving them my best mods and lucked out on my third attempt. Jango hurt padme pretty bad with his special, I didn't use asajj to remove the buffs on them so that spy could finish of padme. Once padme went down i took out the guy that revives, then anakin, then Kenobi and finally mace. Brood alpha was really useful for summoning his guy to taunt, Nute was essential for his extortion ability which I used on Kenobi asap and tried to let it spread as much as possible. Asajj was pretty useless actually. I didn't have any Zeta's!
  • The team I used to unlock Padme was Nute, Dooku, Azzaj, Jango, and Grevious. It was Jango who really made it work.
  • Would a Nute, Geo Spy, Sun Fac, Poggle, Dooku team work?
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