Rey stuck in ultimate stance

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In GAC, opposite Rey got stuck in her ultimate stance, getting damage immunity not for 1 turn, but for 3 full turns.
She had some weird animation (standing with crossed lightsabers but still moving and hitting my toons), making the game lag. After the 1st turn, she did the big AoE animation, but without any damage, and keeping the crossed lightsabers animation.

I remember facing this bug a month ago, and I thought it had been fixed. Seems like not.

Am I the only one facing this bug?


  • No this is relatively prolific, but apparently only Kylo warrants fixes and buffs.
  • Sewpot
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    I’ve had that happen a few times. It’s a complete mess of a bug, AI goes completely bonkers.
  • Jefferx
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    I faced this issue many times mostly in raid. I have faced too in GAC. They already know and hope they will fix it soon.
  • Ggdjqjchsabjdj
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    Haha read this as Rey stuck in ultimate sauce.
    Edit: I believe someone posted a video about this a couple weeks ago on this forum, same problem. Quite funny.
    I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Slaveen
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    SLKR is the only GL who gets bug fixes and buffs!
  • Kyno
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