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    No thats is a fresh alt account he made. Not against TOS. He got another one from another player which is the one that got banned. This game ain't the only one that do punishments for account sharing/giving/selling, all kinda fall in the same category for online games that do
  • CG, learn how to market your game properly. what a joke.
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    CG pretty good at making unpopular decisions, and then just disappearing from the forums for a month...so I would bet on another road ahead delay. Cause they cant come back here until this blows over...
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    Look, im not gonna go watch any of his videos to find out what happened. I dont want him in my youtube algorythms. But if you wanna tell me here, even if its a little exacerbated, im into it. I come here for the flaming bags of terds littered all over this dumpster fire. And this one sounds like a stinky one

    Maybe their new tools autodetect enjoyment across all platforms and auto ban?

    They didn't ban his main account, but another account that wasn't originally his

    1. Account transfer is against the Terms of Service (Violation #1)

    2. The other issue (unconfirmed) is that the account was originally a chinese account so there might be illegal crystal purchases (in the past) or since China is removing the game and CG is no longer supporting it after the next Title Update, the account was going to go away eventually

    The second point is unconfirmed but Ahnald still has his main account which he has used for all his videos so far, so its not as big of a loss, and he's still able to make the same videos as he always has

    That’s not entirely accurate. He has started making videos on the now-banned account because the roster was more complete. All of his recent videos dating back to The Mandalorian content for new releases and testing have come from that account. He mostly streams his GAC on his main; but this is a big loss for him and the community writ large.

    He streams the other on twitch.
    I have a bad feeling about this.
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    CG what a completely stupid move. I am dumbfounded that the level of stupidity I mean are you running on one brain cell or something. Your ban of Ahnald's account is complete and total crap. Don't give me that crap of it is clearly against the rules crap when you cherry pick those same rules depending on who is breaking them. You guys are full of it.

    They are running on one laptop.
    I have a bad feeling about this.
  • I want my money back, you guys are full of schist.
  • Oml you made an account called Justice 4 Ahnald? Wow.
    I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Seriously CG. This is messed up. Not getting another dime from me! He IS your marketing team!
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    CG, your a bunch of ****. Negotiate with cheats and ban your best advertiser.
  • Seriously CG, you guys have not been doing well with your community, then you pull something like this? Get your act together or you won't have a game much longer. Especially doing something like this while the world is in a protesting and rioting mood (particularly america) maybe we should bring some of that over here and smack some sense into you. You probably wont see or care about my individual post but it's adding to the voices so that hopefully you can't ignore us. Even Palpatine knew he couldn't hold his empire without the people and as such didn't dissolve the senate directly after order 66. How does it feel to be worse than the Emperor?
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