Ahnalds account [MERGE]


  • To confirm, they didn’t ban HIS account, his 6mil odd one is strill there. They banned an account he was given by someone who had whaled and wanted to leave the game which he then shared with this guy.
  • Haha pls no
    I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Iy4oy4s
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    I really want to know what they thought was going to happen
  • Devian
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    Shiftyund wrote: »
    Boo to your banning of Ahnald he was the only person creating content for game since your own developers can't seem to create any content.
    delete any information about your account, or you'll be banned =)
    Thought if it's your 1st theme like this - you'll be warned of ban.
  • Iy4oy4s wrote: »
    I really want to know what they thought was going to happen

    Yeah. People love defending those who they love. Natural.
    I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Disgraceful attitude towards a person who freely promotes revenue for CG. Repulsive behaviour.
  • This has shown how the Devs made their punishment system over a lunch break smh. I don’t know if Ahnald is clickbaiting or not but the system needs to be clearer to the community.
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    Ill play devils advocate here. I do watch Ahanld videos and do fine him entertaining but I understand he's an entertainer. He makes money off these videos. He got a very high level account for free, got it banned and made video about it. The email he showed didn't say what the ban was for just that it will be a week. The texts could be just talk. I don't really find the situation myself one to riot over. Not going to quit or anything like that.. Regardless though he does bring free publicity to the game good and bad. For cheating thats rampant in every online game. I can't find a single online game i haven't played where there was no hacker. Its extremely hard to curb it completely in games
  • Ok. I get your anger, but there is another thread for this stuff.
    I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Bauer
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    CG is the biggest joke of a company ever! As for management and whoever made that decision 🖕
  • I strongly encourage anyone outraged by the recent behaviour of Capital Games, to reach out to the support team at EA themselves regarding the allegations made towards CG. I cannot see Capital Games doing something about this unless a full investigation is conducted by EA into the mismanagement of the Star Wars I.P and the mismanagement of EA's cheating policies under Capital Games.
  • Meanwhile cheaters are posting how they get their bans reversed but CG rather go after content creators
  • Tcetter
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    RaythenGEO wrote: »
    Banning an account for account sharing when the content creator spends hundreds of dollars on new characters (and other things) on that and other accounts is pretty short sighted and fiscally irresponsible. These content creators are promoting your game. Despite any criticism they still play and thus I still play.

    The most recent example is the TieBomber. If I didn't see what it could do from a stream by ahhald I would never had done the Galactic Chase and unlocked it. That's a lot of crystals I used from refreshes, which I didn't get from being FTP.

    That’s the thing, you don’t own what you’ve spent thousands of dollars on. The mobile gaming industry needs to be regulated, it’s way overdue.
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    Oh boy get ready for the angry back lash coming towards you rrr3nu4zd9wi.gif
    Bad at the game? Not really dude has plenty of useful information

    CG doesnt like the truth told. thats why they shut down test accounts, which now Ahnald has a whale account to tell same thing.. Game is ****...
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    Rath_Tarr wrote: »
    nottenst wrote: »
    He has a new video with all the details
    *gets popcorn ready*



    Found the classic CG apologist. Any opinions on the cheater who is able to bargain with CG's devs to get a reduced punishment while this garbage is happening?
  • Tk9199
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    As title says.. look how many accounts have same IP address and see how much income you get as you use the ban hammer on all.. then try and figure out how many diff phones in same house on same router.. you guys are **** trying to ban the top guy promoting your game..
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