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  • Azgard
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    What a joke. I would have never spent a single Dollar if it was not for Ahnalds Video hyping me.
    And I will not spent any more money after seeing how they negotiate with cheaters.

    You should be ashamed of your actions CG.
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    Ramos wrote: »
    TAZZZOOO wrote: »
    This well deserved rage will be silenced and sent to void with the others.
    CG care not for feedback or opinions and you should know.

    100% will be sent to where their "new raid" went, the trash. it is pathetic people spend on this game. I hardly spend i only use like iTunes cards from Christmas. Thats still money in their pocket they won't get any more.

    Its about time they just be upfront about the next 1-3 years they have planned.

    They've given us, the players, so little to go by; that it's common knowledge that the future of this service has no planning.
    Just abuse the fanbase and take everything possible.
  • This is tough to read. As a person who’s played the game since day 1 day! I’ve spent thousands! I’m on the verge of quitting the game. I’ve been plying marvel since it came out. And over the last year. I’ve been spending more money over there. The games not where it use to be. I don’t understand what’s the problem with your company. Where’s the excitement with the game when that Haat came out when the sith raid came out. When TW and Tb come out. Why are you killing the game? I don’t understand. It’s sad.
  • TaTaKaS
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    Literally a part of me plays the game just to be able to watch his videos and understand what he is talking about. I am having more fun watching him than playing (or simming to be accurate) your game.

    You are absolutely the worst ever studio I have encountered in my gaming life. You make Gameforge look like angels!!!
  • I stand in solidarity with Ahnald and all those who are banning their money from being used for any further CG purchases. REINSTATE AHNALD!
  • Hey CG?! If banning Ahnald's account is your example of social distancing, ... YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!

    Social Distancing: Measures intended to maintain a physical distance between people and reducing the number of times people come in close contact with each other.

    Banning: Officially or legally prohibit or exclude from a place.

  • CG please do not ban AhnaldT101 account.
  • KKatarn
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    He was using a shared account, which is forbidden.
  • You literally made CFH CRY over the way you are treating your content creators. You made Urza AND MG red in the face over your complete incompetence. I know Carrie was controversial, but can we have her back please? Things were SO MUCH BETTER back then.
  • Why he was banned
  • Shame on you capital games
  • You know something is wrong when Bethesda treated their content creators better during the Fallout 76 nightmare than CG treats their content creators. Appalling and disgusting.
  • Fix this CG!
  • VaderB1
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    Why he was banned

    He was using a loaned account for content creation.

    Sledgehammer to kill a grasshopper, its the EA way, unless you spend 10s of thousands of $$$
  • thecarterologist958
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    mrebey27 wrote: »
    The CG boot licker, Ultra, strikes again. “He broke the terms of service and still has his main account... blah, blah, blah.”

    Is that incorrect?
    I don't watch his videos,
    But it's what I'd heard.
  • Hi CG i does an account for this issue with your game. I spend a lot of money the last 6 month and I guess i never will spend any dollar more. I will tell you something. To ban this account is not a problem for me but if you doing this only because you wanna send a message to your content creators.....maybe you will not complain about sending a message back. Maybe we should say, obviously not caring about your playerbase is NOT FREE guys. so maybe CG and devs here, pls do more about your game. Let it grow with new content and a better experience. and so maybe you are willing to let us know what you are working on right now and if it is something we can enjoy, so maybe I am willing to pay something in the future. But up to the point were you doing nothing for a really long time and the only thing we see is to killing the enjoyment of your game for people out there is not really smart. so maybe..... learn something, do something, care something and then so maybe I will spend again.

    good night and nice dreams of all the dollars you get and about all the dollars you could get.
  • I hope you read this. Banning the top content creator is cowardly. Address the real issues with your game and the cheaters and leave the content creators alone.

    I personally continued playing the game because of ahnalds videos. If it wasn't for him thousands of people would have quit.

    If you are trying to kill this game Congrats. Its working.
  • VaderB1
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    mrebey27 wrote: »
    The CG boot licker, Ultra, strikes again. “He broke the terms of service and still has his main account... blah, blah, blah.”

    Is that incorrect?
    I don't watch his videos,
    But it's what I'd heard.

    He is one of their more vocal supporters, but I wouldn't call him a bootlicker.
  • VaderB1
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    funny though, that there was just a general sense of apathy towards this game, after the road ahead delay, I think most just threw their hands up and said whatever.

    Leave it to EA, to not only bring the dumpster, but also hand out the matches.
  • Bad call CG, you keep counting your cash and slowly but surely this game will die. How can you be so blind as to not listen to your community drivers.
  • CronozNL
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    Worth to post again since a loooong time. Just here to say CG is such a sad company.. EA should ban some devs imo.
    439-259-888 I have a bad habit of editing my typo's after posting
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