SLKR tier 6 mininum requirement

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What are the minimum requirements for SLKR to beat tier 6 of the kylo event
Can we beat it with G12 SLKR ?
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  • Gifafi
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    no. You need relics and zetas, it's not worth trying and failing. were you able to beat t5 with only g12 slkr?
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • R7 and 3 zetas (GL, The basic and the stun). Learn to use the event ability and you’re done
  • Did tier 4 and 5 with g11 slkr! It's totally doable!!
  • Crayons
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    No, I don’t believe it’s doable at G12. Rey gets a massive buff in Tier 6. You will need a relic SLKR with most of his zetas. Preferably relic 7. Don’t waste tickets listening to people saying daft things. 70 tickets is like 1200 energy. Do not try Tier 6 under relic.

    The last post about doing T5 at G11 is laughable.
  • MikKro
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    Think OP is still trying after a year?
  • SuperDave
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    I completed Tier 4 with gear IX with no issues, following Gridan's guide. I had to stun Rey and I know you can't do that in Tier 5. Probably still doable, but I plan to at least bump to gear X for that round. Note I had really good mods as I've been playing for 4 years.
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