Shaak ti and clone squad in sith raid

So I recently finished shaak ti to 7 stars and am currently building her up since I've heard so much good about her in a clone squad. Now I gotta ask in which phase does she work well in? I doubt it could be nihilus since any assist call teams just restore his protection so unless she works differently I'd like some helpful pointers. Also is it just the 501st clones that work with her or all because I dont have arc trooper yet


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    if you start 3/4 of the way thru p2 (or so, depending) you can finish the raid. you can use clone sarge but I wouldn't relic him for sure. you would need good relics on all, probably high for most of the 501st.
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Hortus
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    Coolnessda wrote: »
    Now I gotta ask in which phase does she work well in?

    I don't put much effort in them, but just for reference - G12 Shaak, Fives and Rex, G11 Echo, G8 (yes, G8) Arc with average mods can do about 15-20% of Nihilus and about 40-50% of Sion.
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    I can do up to 16m in phase 1. but then again, you want to start at 3/4 of p2, and try to get most of the damage from fives sacrifice. Then you just snowball.
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