Rematch Option and Arean Practice/Training Ground

Two things:

I think it would be cool if a rematch option could be developed for the arena specifically for when your team is defeated when you did not initiate the fight. The way it would work is that if are defeated when you aren't in control of your team, knocking your rank down, you would be able to battle the player who defeated you and earn back either your previous rank or a percentage of that rank, say 50%. To keep things even, opponents would only get to play each other twice, the original match and the rematch.

Another idea I had is for there to be a training arena where you could practice strategies with your own characters. It could be set up like the existing arena but without the rankings since you would be playing your own toons against each other. Most players have A and B squads for Galactic War and a training arena would add to the gaming experience by giving time to test out different combinations. There could even be options to choose different backgrounds for fun. It could also be limited to a certain amount of training matches per day or sim tickets or another form or in game currency could be spent.

Just a few thoughts I have. What do you all think?


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