Knights Of The Sith are always active and looking for players and to merge

Hey guys, we really want a guild to come into our guild to merge. We will give your leader a officer position and some of his officers. Our guild is called Knights Of The Sith. Please message me if interested. My ally code is 988-598-961. Everyone is welcome to join :) Thank you.


  • We are a new guild with some new players and some not so new. Our leader has had several guilds and has lead them to success and merge them into a strong guild. He wants to help other players so he created this guild called Knights Of The Sith. Message me if interested in joining.My ally code is 988-598-961.(I am a officer but currently working on getting other payers in other groups). Or you can message the leader his ally code is 315-592-536. Thank you for reading :smiley:
  • Looking for Active Players

    Guild/raid reset times are 7:30pm EST
    Guild GP: 215 million
    Very competitive in TW
    Concentrating on Geo Territory Battles
    1. DS 27 stars
    2. 32 WAT shards and growing
    3. LS 12 stars

    We SIM the Pit raid, and the other Heroic raids are FREE-FOR-ALL after a 24 hour sign up.
    We use discord for better communication and camaraderie.

    What we're looking for in a new member.
    1. 3+ million GP
    2. Active DAILY
    3. MUST join our discord
    4. Very active in Territory Battles and Wars

    Any questions, or if you wish to join contact me

    Ally Code 231 399 339
    Discord Scruffy#2632
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    Join Knights Of The Siths it is really good, I recently joined and I think it is the best guild ever, if you kinda like your guild then join this, if you don't like your guild, join us, if you like your guild, you will like this guild more, message me on discord DeathWatch#3356. Or message the leader discord First Order#7308
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  • We have 24 members
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