Simmed pit raid rewards should be so much better!!!!

The rewards for the simmed pit raid are garbage!!! Everyone is struggling to acquire mk5 stun guns and mk5 droid collars and we get mk6 chewie tool and mk7 scanners, needed of coarse but why when they decided to sim the raid did they offer punitive level rewards!! I thought the ability for a guild to sim a raid was an accomplishment in itself but the rewards they give out its almost better just to do the raid manually for a chance a better rewards!! When a guild chooses to sim the raid they should also be rewarded 1st place rewards for all participants in acknowledgment of their accomplishments that allowed them the choice to sim the raid!! I hope when they decided to sim the tank raid that they smarten up and realize we should be rewarded for our accomplishments not punished with rewards most can easily farm and purchase and are not as vastly needed!! We should all be getting a guaranteed min15 mk5 stun guns every simmed pit raid in addition to the rewards we are currently receiving and then for the simmed tank raid, again guaranteed 15 mk5 stun guns and droid collars along with another 15 pieces each of any 2-3 other random gears or combination of fully crafted pieces and salvage pieces. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks we're getting stiffed as far as raid rewards but if not then please post and let the ppl at CG and EA know we deserve better!!!
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