Can't pick a guild to join? Join WookiesAndMilk! All players welcome!

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WookiesAndMilk has existed for over half a decade and now we're looking to rebuild after a recent merger with our 214m GP sister guild Nebits Scrapyard. We are a highly communicative, positive vibes only guild. Happy to coach newer players and eager to learn from experienced veterans.

About us:

• 44 daily players, GP ranging from 4m+ to just 20k

• Pit raid: alternating Heroic and T5 for lower lvl members

• Sith raid: T5

• Tank raid: Heroic

• Hoth TB with advanced strategies to ensure maximum stars

• Shared WookiesAndMilk and Nebits Scrapyard Discord server, where we discuss gameplay strategy and mechanics everyday. Discord is not mandatory

• Our .gg:

What we're looking for:

•Active players. No GP, level or roster requirements

If you have any questions, join and ask!
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