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I am just level 22 and I want to join some Good Guilds where they launch TIER III raids. If any guild you know, comment below please.
You can advertise your guild too but please do not recruit low level players just for their Raid tickets only.
If you open doors for them then take care of them too.
If you dare to; then recommend please.

There shall be some rules against guilds that dominate low level players.

If you are interested to welcome me in your Guild then give your

Guild name,
Guild GP
Active members
Level of player that you can accept.

Then I can search your guild and shall join.

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  • I am building a guild from the ground up we are all new currently there is three of us. The great thing about building a guild with fellow beginners is we all share the same journey and we all feel great going through our first evers together! We are currently gp of 220 000 ish
  • I'd be willing to screen share with you , donate gear, and answer you any time I'm not at work. I want everyone to have the opportunity to be the shot caller in territory wars when we get there, for the experience, trial n errors but mainly for the comradery. If this interests you my Allie code is 388 947 831cheers!
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    A good guild shall take care of its weakest as well as best member. Rest all will be included.
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  • And Paapaa pulled maamaa in the game cause he needed more members in his Guild.
    and maamaa kicked Paapaa out from the guild cause she had to take care of her members.
    They all have 4/5 accounts each including their 2-3 sons and daughters.
    Here is my question to you Devs Why Paapaa created his own Guild?
    And one more question
    How will you pay for their contributions to your game?
    Paapaa is Palpatine, maamaa Talzin, children Kylo, Rey, Revan.
    And it is just for fun.
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