I joined GAC but it's now missing from my account

I joined GAC and it's now gone, I haven't been matched with anyone and cant participate.

I reached out to EA support who told me "it seems you have disconnected from the grand arena and cannot connect again"

This makes no sense as there isnt even a button to leave and rejoin. I need support from someone who is connected to the game, as this is totally unacceptable. This seems to be a bug as there should be no way to disconnect.

Here's a link to the reddit post I made in the hope devs can see and help. https://reddit.com/r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes/comments/hadifd/joined_gac_and_no_opponent_is_matched_to_me_spoke/


  • I had the same issue. Joined, told guild to join, then no GAC.
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  • We urgently need the swgoh dev/bugs team to look at this
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    You will need to report this to Answers HQ, they can look at your account.

    They cant add you in, but if there is an issue they can try to focus in on the cause.
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