Buzzing noise and crashing help.

Forum moderator - Please do not remove this post. It's for general advice. Ea bug report and game help is worthless and I have done this.

Anyway can a player please advise me if there's a way to fix the buzzing noise and pending game crash. I have emailed and reported as a bug. The advice they give is (copy and paste) 'clear cache, reinstall app, update phone' etc.

Well I have done all this and still get the frequent crashes. Has anyone has similar issues and managed to ever fix it.



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    Happens to me too. Once the buzzing starts you need to finish and reset the app asap before it inevitably crashes.
    CG either can't or won't fix it because it's too expensive, but I'd like a reason to think otherwise.
  • Yeah painful when it happens mid gac. When you are likely to win a tough match and it freezes and you lose the entire match. So frustrated :'(
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    You will need to report this and discuss this at Answers HQ to make them aware of the issue and help get a resolution.
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