More Player Divisions Needed For Better GAC Matchmaking

CG, please read and respond. GAC has been my favorite part of SWGOH by far. But ever since I passed 5 million GP, every single match I have had has been against a opponent with 6 million or more GP. On average my opponents have over 1.2 million more GP, and they have one or both GL toons. Which I do not have, and am not farming because I don't like the sequels. I do not begrudge players that "Whale" or "Kracken" out their rosters, because I have spent a fair amount over the years. But I am facing players with a million more GP and GL toons. My current opponent has over 1.3 million GP and has both GL toons,and put one in each front territory on defense. The rosters of everyone has grown since GAC came out. Some quite considerably. Its time to create more player divisions, and adjust the matchmaking process.


  • Whilst I’m not disagreeing with you about the need for more divisions, surely you can see that if you continue to refuse to farm for the GLs, you will continue to be pitted against people that have one or both, regardless of what they do with divisions?
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