Developer Insight: Darth Vader Touch Up

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[Developer Insight - Kit Update]

Hi Holotable Heroes,

As a belated Father’s Day present we are releasing an update to Darth Vader’s Kit! It has been quite a while since we have updated this kit and while he has been a powerhouse in the past, it’s a good time to bring him up to snuff with a new ability, Merciless Massacre.

The Basics:
  • Darth Vader has a new ability added to his kit, Merciless Massacre, which allows him to take an extra turn whenever he attacks an enemy with Merciless Target
  • In combination with his updated Unique that now dispels Stealth, Merciless gives Vader the ability temporarily to ignore Taunt and attack the entire team almost every time you use Merciless Massacre

  • Why yes, it IS an attempt in our game to replicate the Rogue One hallway moment

Strategy Tips:
  • You have full access to all of Vader's abilities during Merciless, but still need to respect their cooldowns
  • Darth Vader is taking extra turns with this ability, so cooldowns are being reduced and you'll be able to cycle back around to abilities if you play your cards right - Think about who you want to be your target as you use each ability
  • This ability becomes less effective the fewer enemies you are facing, so it is best to use it as your opening, or second move
  • Vader can still be counterattacked so pay close attention to units that have this ability
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