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I didn't realise how hard that was. I did one attempt and got absolutely smashed. I now understand why this event is so hard. please give tips.
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  • Bossk lead (with zeta) is very effective. Dengar is super useful because he can prevent stealth. Don't use IG-88 because he's too squishy. Assuming you use Bossk and Dengar, you need to keep restarting the event until the following conditions are met after the enemy's opening salvo:
    1) R2 did not successfully smokescreen his allies
    2) Bossk isn't stunned or ability blocked
    3) Boba isn't stunned or ability blocked
    First you need to taunt with Bossk. Then you need to focus on Chewie and take him down, this can be done with 2 attacks if your characters are strong enough. Bossk's 1st special ability calls all BH allies to assist (after they have gotten offense up from his taunt ability) and Boba's execute does a lot of damage if the target has a few status effects; these attacks can be done in either order but you need the offense up first. Once Chewie is gone the others can be picked off much more easily. The key to winning is bringing in the right characters and restarting until you get the right opportunity.
  • well then I will be farming for a very long time
  • Note the event is tuned for g12 characters, so it may be possible to brute force it with reliced bounty hunters, though that may not be feasible for you currently.
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    This is what I used back when. I think it's pretty close to the minimum, except that Cad doesn't have to be g11 and Bossk is fine with 1 zeta. Kookermader already explained the strategy. The only thing left to add is that Bossk should be the fastest team member and Boba the second fastest. Then it's just a matter of trying over and over until you get the right RNG after 30-ish attempts.
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    My G12 Boba, g10 Cad Bane and Zam, g9 Greedo and g8 Dengar beat tier 7 the first time around (yes, I moved my best mods to that team for the event). Yes, Bossk and better gear will make it easier and less dependant on RNG.
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    This is what I used this morning. It took me about 10 tries and I followed the general strategy by Kookermader with one change on the 10th attempt: I targeted Leia first to get the contract off quicker. Then I took out Lando, then Chewie, then Han, and finally R2. I only had Bossk and Boba survive, but I couldn't get the bonuses from the contract in time when I attacked Chewie first. I had mostly protection and potency mods.
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    This is what I used this morning.

    Strategy and the proper toons. Well done!
    Wat, me worry?
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    I just got Chewie with this team. It actually didn’t take too many tries but it got really annoying
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