Why do people want a death Star raid when there's nothing special about fleets



  • This is a comment I made over 2 years ago on the concept of a Death Star raid.


    They’re right about lack of ships for this. Thus, we break it up a bit with ground battles, Starting on Scarif, where the rebels set out to acquire the plans for the Death Star. In this phase, Rogue One gets a buff of some sort. Cut to Mos Eisley, just outside of the seedy cantina, where we engage Troopers who are looking for two droids, a tall neurotic dude and a shirt feisty fella. Jedi get a special ability, Mind Trick. Then, we enter the bowels of the Death Star, sometimes mistaken for a moon, and find our heroes fighting the mighty Darth Vader and his band of Storm Troopers. Finally, we take to the stars in our ships for the trench battle. Special buff, Use the Force, for the newish Pilot Luke and Luke’s X-Wing (both farmable on cantina 2-E).
  • The reason we should have a ship raid is because all of this is "Star Wars not intergalactic ground combat."

    Besides the 3 regular raids, 1/8 of GAC is ships, 1/6 of TW, about the same for TB.

    My GP is inflated with so many ships that I do little with.
  • Because it s it the occasion to make something about fleet...
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    Because ships are fun.

    Careful, you get labelled as a shill or plant if you admit anything in the game is fun. You're supposed to hate everything but keep playing it anyway.

    This sarcastic hyperbole makes complaints look sane.
    Not when many of those complaints are filled with rage-induced hyperbole.
  • Well for one,if you grew up with the original movies then you would understand,yeah granted ships arent that great,but it doesnt have to be full raid of ships,1 phase with ships only is decent enough for me.
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