Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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So when I face Negotiator, I give buff/health immunity to their ETA with mine. This should make so that when undying loyalty kicks in he doesn’t gain stealth or recover health. But when Negotiator uses his special that gives all GR allies that buff, JKA doesn’t lose it no matter how many times I hit him that should kill and trigger it... does anybody else experience this?


  • Yes, it's a known bug that has been in the game for many months already. But CG can't be bothered with fixing it.
  • Gotcha, thanks. Super annoying
  • BobcatSkywalker
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    It's almost a year old now and devs havent even mentioned it once I think it's just working as intended at this point sometimes ships just dont die.

    EA suprise mechanics at play

    I Wouldnt expect it to be fixed ever...
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