Arc Trooper Turret Question

How are the stats for the turret calculated? Are they similar to ships it’s a pure GP if you GP is high the turret is strong or do the states change based on how you have him modded and such. Will putting the zeta on arc and the resulting GP increase raise the turrets stats or just cause the additional assisting because it didn’t change arc troopers stats?


  • I'm not 100% sure, but I think the turret's damage is only affected by Arc's physical damage. The more physical damage your Arc has, the higher the damage of the turret. So things like speed, zetas, crit damage won't affect the turret at all.
  • Damodamo
    1156 posts Member
    It scales off arc, the same as geo brute. But it only uses his offense stat..
  • Best thing to give him is offense mods and primaries/secondaries
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