Phoenix v assault battles

Has anyone had any success with phoenix v ground war or Imperial might mythic to challenge tiers?

I'm already gearing cls, Han, Chewie, r2 and C3PO for Imperial might; but they are queued up behind the need to boost some ds squads.
I also need better fleet. I'm running gr under mace, but it's not working even with r7 jka and ahsoka + g12+ 5s, ht, Sgt, etc. Losing to decent rebel meta, timing out against 6* negotiators...and let's not even mention malevolence.

I know phoenix aren't great, but I need to get into those challenge tiers for gear/relic mats, etc. And the fleet boost would help.
I could farm NS, but I'm trying to focus on gearing what I have over farming; and I'm missing talzin, zombie, spirit...and only ventress is beyond about g5.

I'm also looking at running Ezra (+Kanan??) under luke when I get him.

So potential efficiency in gearing if I gear phoenix and use the rewards from those events to fund other better toons.....or will phoenix simply fail to pass the tiers?
My current phoenix has zeta on Ezra and sabine, who are g10. Others g8 approx.


  • Vendi1983
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    I think that, based on their shared uniques, healing from debuffs, plus protection and health recovery each turn, they would be able to do Secrets and Shadows almost as easy as NS. It's just alot of gear and Zetas.
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Phoenix do okay in the lower tiers but they are designed and balanced to be a newbie squad and they simply don't have the power to compete at the higher tiers.
  • From youtubes I've seen on NS v ground battle, it seems you need high relic daka to resurrect the others thru the sidious round, etc. Was concerned that would be very dependant on RNG on Hera save to keep squad alive into following rounds. But maybe relic zeta Kanan could soak some hits?
  • I like my Phoenix team. They got me far. But they do not have the firepower to go against strong teams. I think you will be disappointed if you keep gearing them. The only way I think they could be good is if you added sabine for extra fire power. But you would have to take kanaan out. You need zeb for protection regen, and chopper for health. Not sure if chopper can tank well enough to make that work though. If kanaan had zebs unique, I think you could have a pretty durable team with Ezra and Sabine providing offense.
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