Challenges, Dailies, Crystals, and Love

Everyone seems to be at least optimistic about this new game mode (some excited even!)
The largest conversation point around the hame mode is it being locked behind dailies. Everyone who actually plays does their dailies - but we save arena battles until the time leading up to payout.
We KNoW that CG has been looking for a way to shift crystals from arena to another game mode, GAC was supposed to be an option but it is at least a part of the equation. Challenges could be the solution.
If the arenas stop paying crystals (replaces I imagine by gear or a new token that could be exchanged for gear or a new chest) then “when” you do your arena battles becomes less of an issue and having to finish the dailies early to allow for challenge time becomes less of an issue.
Either way we will be left with a choice- finish dailies early and have more time on challenges or wait and try to fare better in the arena and maybe not get as far on challenges.
This game used to be a game of choices. Farm Eeth Koth or Geonosian Soldier? Chase shards or gear? Those choices led to roster diversity. We can’t turn back the clock but we fell in love with that game.
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