Rey mirror on old phone

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Animations take long and are stuttery, which makes a battle which is supposed to be doable, but barely, be completely impossible. Please do something about Rey mirrors, which are boring in the best of circumstances, and unbearable with ultis on an old phone.


  • Nikoms565
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    Use Rwy+GAS + 3po+Hoda +Wat. Place far right tech (tm buff) on Rey. Pour lifeblood into gas. Put master's training on GAS. If the enemy has JKR, WW him first. Win.
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  • Give your GAS more offence. Use armour shred on Rey/JKR. Be attentive - toons with Rey's buff and tons of protection may survive after WW, so choose another target or wait (reduce protection with GAS).
    Sometimes weapon tech on GAS works better.
    Good luck!
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