Squad Arena question

Nub here. Are these really people I'm facing or AI sims of their teams? I can't believe everyone just throws on auto and let the match go. Thank you!


  • Loce
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    It's all AI. Fighting in real time would change this game completely...would be cool, but no man. Its all very predictable ai.
  • Got it. ****. That's a bummer. You'd think they'd add in something like that. Now I really feel unaccomplished, lol.

    Thank you. Perhaps you can help me. I'm having some real problems with advancing. If you can look at my other post I mapped everything out. Anything you can advise I appreciate it.
  • Pure_Pazaak
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    They are AI. Your team will make the same dumb mistakes on defense, so try to build a team with effective but simple synergies. Like having a debuffer to inflict ability block and limit the enemy to using basic attacks while a tank with a 2 turn/low cooldown taunt forces them to limit the effectiveness of said attacks by bashing against a wall. Or just stacking high damage, area-of-effect attackers who are reasonably speedy and can sometimes take out a key member of the enemy before they can heal or taunt for them. In general, you can't go wrong with having Darth Sidious on your team once you start getting enough arena points to purchase his shards and eventually unlock him. He is one of the best all-around arena characters for attack and defense, along with being highly available after a certain amount of progression.
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