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Fix freaking tw matchmaking already...

As has become the norm we are against a guild with 25mm more gp... 14 GL’s to our 1... and 331 relic 7’s to our 98!!!!

Give me a break, and don’t give me the well not everybody might be participating Line, there is no way we have a chance against this type of lineup and it happens constantly

This isn’t a matter of missing out on gear or rewards- it simply isn’t fun especially for the organization it takes to make happen.

Stop ignoring basic gameplay.


  • Gifafi
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    how do you think it should be fixed?
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • TVF
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    Fell for clickbait
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  • Use a similar formula to GAC- using a mix of gp/relics/top # of characters across the active participants. Anything would be better than the slapdash gp they’ve been using forever that doesn’t make any sense. They know it doesn’t work because they fixed GAC a year ago but still we trudge on with this crap in tw.
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