World's First: CAW the PVP Champs vs 3rd Best PVE MAW!

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We are overcoming so much adversity to become #1 PVP guild (again, for like all time ever...and stuff) by facing the absolute 3rd best PVE MAW guild in the game, to overtake the 2nd best PVE MAW guild and 1st bestest PVP MAW guild. Such a SLUG 🐌 fest. ALWAYS BET ON CAW!


UPDATE 6/29:

To all who are in guilds that aren’t as fortunate (so that would be everyone):

CAW fought bravely and decisively to score yet another victory and stay, once again, the GREATEST SWGOH Guild EVER!

Let this show you that with perseverance, sweat, and endless chests of legit crystals, that your guild can one day be nearly as wonderful. Keep up the fight, lil ones. We appreciate the fun. <3

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