Need help making a team idk what to do

I'm new to the game and have been just grinding away slowly but I want to make a cohesive strong team any tips


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    #1 thing to do is FOCUS. Decide your path and stick to it. There are short term goals (GMYoda, Thrawn, Emp Palpatine, etc) and long term goals (GAS, GLs). Have fun, but stay focused.
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    I'm a big fan of Phoenix early game. They will unlock Palpatine and thrawn(who can then be used to get r2d2) and you get 2 jedi for unlocking gmy. I think thrawn is an essential character to get. He can be added to many different teams. Also, Phoenix is one of the best teams for getting through galactic war. Separatists are the other popular choice for early game.

    Whatever faction you choose, take them all the way to 7 stars. I would try to stay away from hard node farms for now. They take a looong time. Stick with cantina battle, cantina store, gw store, or arena store farms.
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    If you farm phoenix, farm all of them to 7 stars but not sabine because sabine takes longer to farm but you will need her for her ship.

    For separatists, you really can decide between droids (B1 battle droid, B2 battle droid, droideka, magnaguard, general grievous) geos (Geo brood alpha, Geo soldier, Geo spy, Sun fac, and Poggle) or a team with a nute or dooku lead.

    Geo brood alpha can be difficult because it has to be farmed from cantina node 8-D. Some other difficult farms are B2 battle droid from guild shipments and cantina node 6-D, B1 battle droid from fleet battles 5-B, General grievous from the shard shop and fleet store, Droideka from light side battles 8-B and maybe Sun Fac from fleet store and guild shipments.
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  • your current setup is ok, but i would suggest sticking to one side(eg. rebels, phoenix, empire) instead of mixing them up. vader gains a lot of speed with an all-empire team and luke farmboy goes well with leia(easily farmable from many stores and the rebel event, i got her to 4 stars in 2 days) old ben, etc. some of these characters are a hard farm but in the end they're pretty worth it.

    if you choose a dark side arena team then you should farm phoenix also, because it can help you get thrawn and palpatine, which go very well with vader. if you go light side then farm many jedi, and use them to get yoda. then you can use your jedi team and your yoda in squad arena.

    honestly in the end it's your choice, i have a very mixed loadout of 3 dark sides and 2 light sides, and i still do decently well in battles. however i can't deny that having a side specific squad will help you a lot down the road.
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