Barriss down grades when I improve ability "no one left behind" Why?

So I was at level 1 tier for leader ability no one left behin which gave Barriss and Jedi allies +17.5 % health and 4% heal. Upgraded to level 3 and health dropped to 15% and no heal till level 4 upgrade... Why is she downgraded as she tiers her leader ability?


  • Loce
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    Not sure. My no one left behind ability is at 17.5% at lvl 5. And I'm almost sure that I increased from 15% to 17.5 percent after upgrading to lvl 4. It looks like your right on track bud.
  • I am very Upset that Barriss Offe was Nerfed.... I payed 50 bucks for her, and I worked Really hard on her to lvl her up, and my favorite by far... then Ea..decided to nerf her? I am extremely disappointed I was planning to buy more packs and keep it going. . But if I buy another pack are they going to nerf those characters too?.. I just don't trust that anymore. . That's why I'm spending my money on a game that doesn't mess with the characters because people whine about it....just so disappointed and hurt.. I really like this game too..
  • I was at level one with the abilities 17.5 and 4. So the max abilities were already available for her at level one ? Then why did I level her out? . Those went down when I upgraded to level 2....
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    It's a tooltip error, the current display is correct the one you saw before is will get when ability is maxed.
  • This actually happens with a number of characters. I saw it with Luminara, for example. When you first unlock the ability at Level 1, it actually displays the text for the ability at a higher level. If you want to see what the actual ability is, consult the SWGOH Cantina page here --
  • Just a display bug. Captain Phasma goes from giving allies a 15% damage nerf to a 30% damage nerf when upgraded. I'm certain it's really the other way around, as the 15% damage nerf is better.
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