Smorc'em 167 mil GP looking for members (45/50)

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Do you want to progress with the content on a regular basis without a fuss and experience so much winning? You want to take stuff at your own pace but you still want to do it with a group of similar-minded laid back people?
We have cleared ranks from away people and people who stopped playing so we have multiple spots available.
We are looking for a few new members to fill up our ranks. Currently, we have 45/50 members fully active members.
We communicate in English and have recently moved to a new discord server.
We are an active guild doing all regular activities, all heroic raids are done regularly and scheduled with 1 day join period.
Our TW win rate last 12 months is 85%, and overall since it started 70+% , 95w 37l currently - join us and get your zetas !
We are currently at around 17 * geos with 44 members so with a full roster, we would get few more, we usualy miss by few mill another treshold so we count to around 20+ with full roster, and around 10+ Wat shards per run
LS tb is around 8*
we are over 44 * in both ds and 43* ls tb, but we are doing new tb recently and not going for old ones.
We don't require too much from our members, just to be active and participate in guild events and activities, and follow the direction given by officers for tw and tb.
We would prefer members with at least 2-2.5M GP with at least one solid reliced team. (doesn't have to be r7 but at least to have few relics even at lower level would be preferred)
Link to our profile :
Link to our discord:
my ally code: 723-483-597
If you are interested in joining us or have any questions or want additional info feel free to write me.
See you at the holotables :)
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