Tin foil hat time or....?

If, and this is a huge if, this is more than speculation, It would be like the reboot of Star Trek? Alternate time line etc..? I remember the part mentioned in Rebels, Ezra saw EP, and Fulcrum (Ahsoka), etc.. So since Rebels is canon, in theory Disney/Lucasfilms has the option. Soooo, what if they did this? Reports go back as far as March about this, but mostly from fan sites until now. No debunk from Disney yet?

"Star Wars" to reset the franchise by 'nullifying' the last trilogy?


  • It sounds too good to be true.
    On the other hand, I prefer to never remove my tinfoil hat, it makes life a lot more fun.
  • I doubt they're going to just throw up the alt universe plot armor. They made their money, they'll focus on new directions and new trilogies because SW sells.
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