Returning after 3+ years and looking for some advice

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After 3+ years i decided to try this game again and Padme would be a great leader for my squad so need some help on a team to clear the event.

Have these characters at 7*: Nute (G7), Asajj (G7), Sun Fac (G10) and Geo Soldier (G8)

I also have Dooku, B2 and Grievous at 5*.

So i'm thinking about working on those 4 i have and possibly Dooku or B2, not sure which one. Would that team be enough or do i need some better characters?

All chracters -
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    Add your .gg account to your post so people can see your entire roster. Its the best way to ask for advice.
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    Assuming the GBeskow on is the same, and it looks like you may be, all 3 are good choices. I'd be inclined to do B2 just because you need B2 for the General Skywalker event. Dooku is a strong character also though. You also need Asajj for that event so gearing them both up for Padme is not a waste. Really none of the ones you have listed are. They're all useful for DS Geonosis TB.
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    Cool. I've been trying to beat tier 5 to unlock Padme but the lack of damage is not helping, i guess i need better gears. So will go with B2 since it seems to help on more than 1 event, i'm so far behind that i need to optimize my characters farming.
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