SWGOH Account Hacked and Stolen

Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will help point me in the right direction...

A week ago my Google Play (GP) account was hacked. Whoever hacked my GP account somehow took my SWGOH account, unlinked it from my GP account and attached it to another GP account. I've contacted Google and EA multiple times. Google says they can't help me because all they do is process the payments. I proved to EA that it was my SWGOH account through transaction verification but EA says they can't help me because my Player ID is already attached to another GP account (the thief). So neither Google nor EA can take player data and detach it or reattach it to GP accounts.

I've spent 4 years building my roster and I was at 4.5 million GP. Do I have any chance of reclaiming my account?


  • recover your email if its yours and you made it then you should know all the info to do it
  • Kyno
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    You can reach out to CG_LucifersDaddy and work with them to recover your account. They may be able to help you lock it up while you secure your identity.
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