Squad Arena Defense

Can we please have a feature in Squad Arena where we can set our defense without battling. If we are testing something out that leaves a bad defense, it can drastically affect our ranking in Squad Arena.

Thank you for your time!


  • Dwinkelm
    772 posts Member

    It would be VERY easy to make an option for an arena defense locked team, with the caveat it would also need to lock mods to those characters if using a locked defense.
  • DubbQ
    92 posts Member
    I dont think you would want that. There wont be much to test as there would be even more of the same teams as there are now
  • Options
    I don't like this idea one bit. Sometimes the best offensive team doesn't hold well on D, or sometimes people can use an undergeared meta-counter to climb but it won't hold. These are good tradeoffs to have. As the person above pointed out, it increases opponent diversity in arena. If you could set a defense, then you'd end up seeing even more of the same team every day as more players switch to the optimal defense. Arena works fine as it is, and this change would have a much larger effect than its supporters realize, it just isn't necessary.
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