Casual Guilds Looking For Players - July 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



  • Hi everyone,

    We just have rebuilt our guild since some staff members won't have time to continue so we actively look for members ! French guild but welcoming english speaking players with open arms with no stress and fun but with good intention to progress ! Be welcome !

    DGLegacy 26/50

    Heroic tank and Rancor, Trium 5

    undefeated on TW before we rebuilt

    Active as much as you can. the more you do the best will be but no pressure ! active on TW better !

    Minimum player level : at least lvl65 to be able to join the TW. If possible at least 500k PG minimum but we may talk :-)

    239 879 482

  • Hi,
    First time posting on this forum but I am looking for fairly active players to come join a new guild that has recently been set up after A group of us left an inactive one which done regular raids but had a lot of inactive officers so could not get to a decent level or prizes hence why we started a new guild.

    The Guild is - RoBBoS ReBels N Me

    This guild is up and coming with very active high level players with a lot of potential.

    We look to do raids around 730pm UK time.

    There is no set GP at present due to us looking to attract players up and coming.

    Either just join the group on SWG Heros or speak to myself for more information

  • Dantay777
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    No minimum GP required. Message me via the game and we can take it from there. Personality and a good relaxed attitude comes first.

    We are a long standing guild with some members including myself having been playing since day 1 (almost)

    We are the RedStar Cavaliers.....

    Guild GP 180mil GP
    Members 40
    Average GP 4mil
    GEO TB 19+ stars
    HOTH 43+ stars

    TW/TB participation is a must (most of the time)
    Raids are optional. We can complete all raids comfortably so it’s up to you whether you hop on or not.

    Looking for dedicated and active members but also ones who are laid back and aren’t going to completely lose it if we lose a TW.......

    We are a friendly welcome bunch, mainly UK based but also have some overseas players.

    Drop me (Dan Damaron) a message via the game

    Ally code 224-212-492

    May the force be with you........
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  • meow_mix
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    Guild: Sarlacc Survivers (68mil GP)
    Members: 30 ranging from new accounts to 4.5+mil GP, looking for 10-15 more warm bodies
    No restrictions, no requirements, no pressure, just having fun. Newer players, come with the mindset that you're looking to grow to our level, not have us scale down to yours.

    Recently lost a few members and would like to have over 40 active

    Guild activities reset at 9:30pm US Central time

    HPit autolaunches immediately with 24hr join period, open at 9:30pm
    HAAT autolaunches immediately with 23hr join period, open at 8:30pm
    HSTR launches as we coordinate with mercs (roughly weekly). Guild members FFA upon launch (~8-10pm) then mercs complete the following morning.

    Hoth TB - Currently getting around 24 stars.

    TW - Winning majority as of now. Missed the last 2 due to lack of participation... Need more members.

    Look forward to playing with you!

    -meow 688-796-116
  • Wonbong
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    Guild name: AXT.
    Guild GP: 40 mill approximately.

    Hello there, my name is Wonbong, and I am part of the fantastic guild AXT. We are friendly guild growing at a decent pace, who hope to meet new aspiring players.

    Why should you join us?

    1. We do FULL HEROIC (Yes HSITH as well). HAAT and HPIT is done solo by the guild, and HSITH is done with the help of mercs.
    2. We have a good TW record, we have lost 2 since I joined in March.
    3. We do Hoth TB with steady increase in stars every TB. Last result was 19/19 LS/DS.
    4. We have players experienced who can help you, but also other "padawans". We don't expect you to know everything and we would love to help you progress.

    HAAT and HPIT is 7:30 pm CEST with 24h join.
    HSITH is 9:30 pm CEST with no join.

    So as for every guild there is of course some requirements, here is ours.
    1. 400 daily raid tickets
    2. Participation in events.
    3. Discord mandatory.

    We understand that it is difficult to find the guild name from the in-game guild search, therefore please message me in game (ally code 623-818-967) so that I may invite you directly to the guild - saving you all the hassle!!
    We expect you to be lvl 85, but your participation, teamwork and communication is most important, power will always come!

    That's it!

    My allycode is: 623-818-967
    Guild SWGOH.GG:
    Discord: Wonbong#5562

    I hope to hear from upcoming Jedis or Siths ;) I'd also glady answer any other questions.
  • Marcin93
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    '' The Raidy Bunch. We need your help. We are looking for one active and strong member to join our guild. 177 m. GP ''


    *The Raidy Bunch

    *Galactic power: 177.000.000

    *A very friendly, helpful and active. it will gladly accept active member.
    For better communication we use a Discord account (Very much appreciated, but not required)

    *My Ally Code: 413-813-495 *

    *We are looking active member, about 2 m GP or more.

    Geonosis Separatist Might: 19

    Hoth Rebel Assault: 42

    *Guild location: (E.S.T)
    *Raid Launches: 10:00 P.m. (GMT+1) - The PIT (SIM) - HAAT - Sith Heroic

    *If you have any questions or want to join us: write me a message in the game. If you have a Discord account, it would be even better (faster reply)

    Cimcimrimcim#3881 (officer)

    Greetings to everyone and May the force be with you.
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