Active Guilds Looking For Players - July 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    <<< SOLDIERS OF LIGHT >>> International Guild Seeks New Colleagues

    Some of our esteemed colleagues will be taking a break from the game indefinitely. And our international guild will have a few spots for individuals (with 3mil GP and above) available. If you are someone who loves fighting the good fight and grinding in peace, ours is an active but not overbearing outfit. Most of us here juggle work and family beyond the outer rim.

    Here’s a current snapshot of our guild.

    GP: Currently 207 mil

    LS Geo Territory Battle: 10* (1st attempt in June)

    DS Geo Territory Battle: 23*

    Raids: FFA, 1530hrs UTC Start; Approximately 1x HSTR, 2x HAAT and 3x Simmed-HPIT Weekly

    Communications: In-game guild chat is recommended, Discord is optional

    Completing your dailies and raising 600 tickets is what you should strive for. We also highly value your participation in all guild events. Otherwise, we are a crew that is committed to being laid back, having fun and helping each other out! COME JOIN US AS A “SOLDIER OF LIGHT”.

    Questions? Contact:
    (UTC +3) UV in game, 573-466-911
    (UTC +8) KolonelKrappe here via PM or; on Discord, ColonelCrap#9545; in-game, 655-178-224
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    :) Infernal Nomads :)

    Infernal Nomads, GP 164 million, is looking for a few solid, active players. We are a very active, friendly guild that is laid back, and willing to help all of our members advance in the game.

    Our guild is currently looking for 3-4 players and we would like to quickly fill those spots with active players.

    Our guild resets at 12am EST.

    We run all Heroic raids as often as possible with a 24 hour join period.

    We earn 30+ stars in both Hoth TBs, and we just ran our first Geo TB (DS) and earned 12 stars.

    We ask all players to participate daily, participate in TBs, TWs, and raids, and earn their 600 daily raid tickets.

    We would prefer players with 3 million+ GP, but we’re open to almost any active, daily player.

    Communication via Discord is strongly encouraged, but not required.

    Please message me with questions.
  • Guild Name: Let QuiGons B QuiGons 2

    LQBQ2 is a business casual guild. We're competitive and successful in TWs and we continue to advance in TBs. We support our members to help them grow and advance at their own pace. We only ask that you participate in guild events.

    Guild GP: 173M, top players are 5M+
    Raids: Heroic Sith and HAAT on farm, Heroic Pit on sim
    Events: 75% win rate in TWs, 18 stars in DS Geo TB, 9 stars in LS Geo TB

    Time Zone: mostly US-based, but have members around the world
    Chat server: use in-game chat, but discord is preferred (not mandatory)

    Rules: stay active (boot after 5 days inactive) and participate in guild events (TBs and TWs). No ticket or character requirements. We value participation over GP (but 2.5M+ GP players preferred).

    DM me via the forums or discord if you're interested or have questions.

    - BadWolfWill
    Ally Code: 593-913-724
    Discord: BadWolfWill#4039
  • Guild Name: Supten Waverly

    We are doing all heroic raids. Territory Battles and Territory Wars participation is required. Looking for player 3.5 million GP and above. If you participate you welcome to join. All we need in the guild is more active players. At time of posting we have only 5 spots left and may the force be with you.
  • Canadian Loyalist Alliance:

    150+ mil GP guild, 47/50 active members, average GP of 3.2mil

    We are a US/Canadian based guild but with members from around the world. Casual in terms that there are no farming restrictions in place but we have a very active and fairly competitive group in both TW, TB and respective GAC too. A very friendly, helpful but competitive bunch with a few sibling and father-son members in our ranks too. Our guilds activities reset time is 7:30pm (GMT -4). We do all Heroic raids with all raids FFA, on farm status and with a 24hr join period. Get 40*+ for both Hoth TB (close to getting max stars) and 13-15* DS Geo TB with 4+ Wat shards currently (definitely a lot more now since doing Hoth TB for BH Challenge).

    We are looking for active members who will participate in guild events. Must be level 85 and have a GP of at least 2mil. We do accommodate for those who have very refined rosters, good farming patterns and willing to learn and grow with the guild.

    We use both the in game chat and discord for communication. Discord is recommended but not required but we do use it to share strategy, tips and tricks with a few other channels that cant be shared in game.

    Link to our SWGoH guild page:

    If you are interested or would like to know more you can contact me through the forum, in game (227-965-785) or discord (ArcheAngel#7559). Thanks
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    We are a UK based guild but have members from all over the world. We are always active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.

    A bit more about us:

    - GP 214m
    - Time zone BST (GMT+1)
    - HPit 3x weekly HAAT 2x weekly, HSTR as often as possible!
    - Daily refresh is at 12am.
    - Raids begin with 24hr registration period. All raids are free for all.
    - HSTR attack phase starts at 7pm, Rancor at 7pm (simmed), HAAT at 8pm.
    - Geo TB 26* (LS 12*)
    - Winning record in Territory Wars
    - Check us out at

    We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part in guild events. Preference given to players with GP over 3m but will make exceptions for players with lower GP if they are active and improving fast. 600 raid tickets daily and participation in TB/TW is expected. Only other requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

    If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me here, add me on Discord at; Jam Dev#6795 or join our recruitment channel at: (Recruitment channel is best for a quick response).

  • JENKOOINE is a friendly, and active guild THAT ROCKS TERRITORY WAR BIG TIME .950 win rate! looking for THREE players to join up with us!
    Roster: 47/50 163M GP

    Who you are:

    • Active player, that is seeking a helpful Guild to complement their playstyle
    • 1.75M+ GP (but we are flexible here!)
    • Regular participation in TW and TB
    • Discord user (highly recommended, but not required)
    • We're based Globally and rotate raid start times to accommodate all

    Who we are:

    • Helpful, cooperative, and an organized approach to guild events
    • Serious about TW with an over 95% win rate
    • Consistently pushing TB improvements
    • 7-8* LS TB and 14* DS TB (+12 Wat Shards)
    • HPit, HTank, HSith all on farm
    • Active Discord server full of useful resources
    • No jerks
    *No farming requirements but LOTS of loot!!



    GatorBait (ally code: 913-839-672)
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    ‘No Younglings Allowed’ are recruiting. We are looking for 1 active player to come and join us, so look below and if that sounds like you then give us a shout!

    • No Younglings Allowed 228M – an original day 1 independent UK guild
    • Guild Activities refresh 19:30 (UTC)
    • All Heroic Raids (24hr join period) Pit is simmed 19:30 (UTC); HAAT and HSTR launch automatically when tickets reach launch cost (19:00 (UTC) and 20:00 (UTC) respectively)
    • Geonosis TBs (DS 26 stars (25+ Wat shards)/LS 12 stars) / TW 70% win rate
    • TB we expect everyone to take part (Platoons/Combat Missions/Deployment)
    • TW we require a minimum 200M+ GP to join (45+ members for each war)
    • 600 Raid Tickets daily is not enforced but we encourage everyone to do as much as they can (Raids won’t launch without them)
    • Our player-base - UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania and Australia

    • 4M+ GP (3.5M with a strong focused roster will be considered); ideally have the following squads: JKR, DR + Malak, Padme, GAS, 7* Hounds Tooth with 7* Bossk, Hans M’Falcon and also (or at least be actively farming) GR and Separatist toons to help in the Geonosis TBs
    • A good sense of humour and willingness to get involved; from giving advice, being active in chat (in game or discord); we also appreciate you posting any planned absence with as much notice as possible (we appreciate you have a real life too)

  • Untitled.jpg

    Praetorian Alliance is Recruiting!

    There was more courage in bearing trouble than in escaping from it; the brave and the energetic cling to hope, even in spite of fortune; the cowardly and the indolent are hurried by their fears...
    - Plotius Firmus, Roman Praetorian Guard
    How to Join
    1. Meet the Player Stats Minimum
      • 3M+ GP
    2. Link SWGOH Accout to SWGOH.GG
    3. Send a message in Discord to Obi Jackson#2695 or JanRingo#5711 with the following information
      • Discord Username
      • SWGOH.GG Ally Code URL
    4. Congratulations! You're now a member of a Praetorian Alliance!

    About Us
    Praetorian Alliance is an active, yet laid back guild. Great leadership and well organized. All mature players. Friendly and fun environment. Geo TB is our main emphasis and our rosters emphasize TB over TW. We are independent and offer access to substantial amount of information on all aspects of SWGOH to help improve your game and roster.
    • Guild Points: 194M at 44/50 B)
    • Time Zone: EST
    • Language: English
    We provide 24 hours notice of upcoming raids to allow our members plenty of time to join
    Start time is always 8pm EST for Pit and HAAT, 9pm EST for HSTR
    Run times are based on daily ticket contributions and are subject to change
    Currently runs At least 2 times each week
    Currently runs at least 2 times each week
    The Pit
    Currently runs at least 3 times each week

    Territory Battles
    Best Score: 44*
    Best Score: 22*

    Territory War
    As mentioned before, Territory War is not emphasized, but all guild members are expected to participate if they join.


    Rules & Regulations
    1. Join Guild Discord Server
    2. Daily Participation
      • 3 Day Grace Period
      • Send a message in appropriate Discord Channel if you will be away
    3. Guild Activities
      • Participation in both TB and TW
    4. Not enforced, but please attempt to get 600 daily raid tickets

    Rules & Regulations are subject to change at any time. For any questions or concerns, please message Obi Jackson#2695 or JanRingo#5711 in Discord
  • 501st team

    We are an active guild always looking for new members. Through a lot of hard work, we are currently simming Pit (24 hour sign up), destroy tank, and are running HSTR on a regular basis.

    All members are expected to participate every day, enter into all TW and TB, and participate in raids. We regularly destroy higher GP guilds in TW. On a very regular basis, we wipe the floor of our opponent. We are running DS Geo with about 10-11 stars. Looking to add to our number to get that higher.

    We do operate multiple in game text channels and run a discord for those interested. We do not require anyone to get a discord account, or join the server. We have found text channels in game work just fine. However, the server is full of fun people, crazy antics, and helpful tools that we have worked hard to create.

    Some expectations
    • Have at least 1.5 mil GP (some flexibility)
    • A good attitude


    If you are interested, send me a message on one of the following links:
    • In game ally code: 463-744-256
    • Discord: AtreiNero#8955
    Looking for an ACTIVE but STRESS FREE guild??
    Look no further! We avoid a ton of rules and nonsense - but still grow and compete at a nice pace.
    We are looking for guys that can help in the Geo TBs right away. We're flexible on GP
    Contact me on Discord: kelkatarn#63902afFRnB.png
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    Heroes with 1000 Faces
    Currently looking for 4 individuals to join our ranks due too many long term members retiring.
    Currently 46/50 - 167 mil GP
    Current requirements are level 85 and 2.5 mil GP
    We have 90% win ratio in TW
    We get 20+ stars in DS Geo TB
    We get 9+ on current LS Geo TB.
    We expect everyone to sign up for all raids when they log, participation is optional.
    We expect everyone to deploy all characters and ships in TB as they log.
    We expect that if an individual does not want to or can not actively participate in TW, That they do NOT sign up. If an individual signs up we expect active participation throughout the event.
    Everyone in our group does their part including officers and we expect the same for new members.
    We do not have farming requirements or force people to pay. We hope all enjoy the game and will work together to progress. We hope you choose to join us on your journey.
    Contact us on Discord at
    Contact us in-game at
    Petrol 768-394-336
    Orion DiJackal 138-587-223
    Eklektos51 553-699-369
    Hyme 271-481-216

    Legends of Light
    200M GP
    Relaxed GeoTB guild is at 48/50 (semi-active, no tix minimum)
    Raids at 7pm Pacific, 8m, 9c, 10pm Eastern.
    TW 102+ wins, triple zetas.

    We are recruiting players for GeoTB to improve on our 21*/9* record. 17+ Wat shards and increasing.

    Semi-active, no hard tix requirement. Must contribute to TW and TB success.

    Message us on our Discord recruitment server with your profile or Ally Code.

    Or get in touch in game: 494863299

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    SOTM is recruiting! We are a competitive but family friendly guild that is pushing progression on all fronts including TB, TW, GA, and Heroic Raids. We have a very strong and tight knit core of players and are looking for more like us to build on.

    About Us:
    - 212 Mil GP
    - 3 potential openings
    - 26* DS Geo TB /12* LS Geo with some KAM shards. Alternate LS Geo with Hoth (45/45)
    - Competitive in TW, have earned General title several times and 10-2 in the past 3 months
    - Guild Reset 7 pm EST
    - Fully HEROIC runs @ 8pm & 10pm EST. Tank clear in less than an hour, HSTR in under a few hours. Rancor on sim.
    -Tons of internal experience, most of us have been playing since launch of game.

    What We Are Looking For:
    - 3.5+ Mil GP(can be case by case)
    - Active Daily (RL happening is understood)
    - Following TB and TW plans
    - Developing competitive squads for Arenas, TB, TW, raids

    Feel Free To Chat With Me:

    Discord Brotherius#7542
    Ally Code 257-884-151
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    Are you looking for a causal guild? Or an elite competitive guild? How about somewhere in between? Exiled Rebel Squadron has a guild for you. Join our discord to find the home for you.

    • ExiledOnTatooine - 288m GP - DS Geo: 30 ⭐️ 47 Wat - LS Geo: 18 ⭐️ 15 Kam
    • Åluminum Falcon - 275m GP - DS Geo: 31 ⭐️ 41 Wat - LS Geo: 17 ⭐️ 7 Kam
    • Tres Comàs - 253m GP - DS Geo: 30 ⭐️ 40 Wat - LS Geo: 15 ⭐️ 5 Kam
    • ExiledKnights[Kit] - 230m GP - DS Geo: 27 ⭐️ 31 Wat - LS Geo: 12 ⭐️ 2 Kam
    • Dracarys - 214m GP - DS Geo: 23 ⭐️ 19 Wat - LS Geo: 10 ⭐️
    • Black Epsilon - 208m GP - DS Geo: 26 ⭐️ 25 Wat - LS Geo: 10 ⭐️ 1 Kam
    • Destroyer’s House of Pain - 198m GP - DS Geo: 16 ⭐️ 2 Wat - LS Hoth: 41 ⭐️
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    Grand Republic Army looking for active players. Just stay active and participate in raids/wars and you are welcome. Friendly group and share advice.

    GP- 85M

    If interested message me

    Officer - Vega -ally code 174-627-284
    Officer - therefugewalrus - ally code 928-152-196

    We do
    Heroic Rancor(Han shards)
    Heroic/Lv6 sith
    Heroic AAT(Kenobi Shards)

    Best to contact both officer. One of us is usually on.
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  • Are you looking to grow and have fun!
    Looking for 1 more
    Looking for competitive players
    Geo-TB and TW FOCUS-Knights of the fallen
    Do you have 4.0 mil gp or higher??
    Having Malak, Padme, DR, Revan, GAS, legendary Rey or Kylo is a plus..
    We are looking for a few members
    220mil GP guild 4.5 mil gp Average
    All Heroic raids-alternate weeks-24 hour check-in
    Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST week 2-7pm EST
    Heroic AAT- 10pm EST week 2-8pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST week 2-6pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB-GEO and TW participation
    Consistently win TW
    30 WAT shards
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild reset 7:30pm Est
  • Guild Name: Krath Battalion

    SWGOH.GG Profile:

    Discord: We have one, but prefer to only invite once you're part of the guild. We're trying to get more active on there, too!

    Guild GP: 159,900,000 (with 41 members)

    Raids: hPIT sim (join period at 5:30 PM EST, sims 12 hours later), hAAT join period at 9 AM EST, opens 12 hours later), hSTR (usually clear in a few hours, join period at 6 AM EST, opens 12 hours later)

    Territory Battles: Consistently get 15-16 stars in DS Geo TB and 7-8 stars in LS Geo TB! But we'll be doing Hoth for LS next time to get some GET1 currency, so if you need that for Malak or GAS, please join! We get at least 40 stars in Hoth and are close to being able to full clear.

    Requirements: We like to have fun and encourage each other in this guild! We're pushing to get as many accounts with DR, Malak, and GAS, and we're also pushing for some of the GLs down the road (one member has GL Kylo!). We don't have a strict GP requirement, but around 1.5 million or above would be preferred. Obviously, a strong roster is preferable to a bloated GP, so if you have a good roster of meta-relevant toons (specifically ones to help with the Geo TBs), we'd love to have you regardless of GP!

    Contact: You can message me on here if interested or reach out to me in the game. My ally code is 314-991-564.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!
    NoseComplaint, Krath Battalion Leader
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    The Zefiro have a rare vacancy!

    240m+ GP, just scored a new high of 28* on Geonosis, fresh off a 3-TW winstreak. Based in East US timezone, hit raids around 8:15p after a 24h join.

    Active but not pushy, all we ask is that you participate in events according to our game-plan to maximize loot for everyone. TW is optional, but if you join a War, you follow our rules/strategy. The reason we have a vacancy is that we had to let someone go for repeated failure to follow the plan.

    Fun, democratic group that values everyone's opinion! Ask DocDoom#3475 on Discord for more info. Please have at least 4.5m GP to inquire, or a very focused PvP-capable roster otherwise.
  • QiVodis
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    TrenoPhoenix looking to fill two slots.

    We are a casual but competitive guild. No one looking over your shoulder nagging you if you missed 600 raid tickets for a day here and there. No daily login requirement (14-day inactivity = kick). We are a good bunch, lively discussion, with gear salvage donations generously given.

    Guild GP: ~178 million
    Guild Reset time: 7:30 pm EDT (GMT -4)
    HPIT (Sim Enabled) after sign up period
    HAAT 8 PM EDT start after sign up period
    HSTR 630 PM EDT start after sign up period
    Strong winning record in TW.
    TB: 7* LS/18* DS. We are earning 8+ Wat shards each DS run.

    We use Discord but it’s not mandatory.

    Looking for people with at least 2.5M GP (combined ships and characters), but we’ll consider active players under that amount depending on squad mix.

    Message Qi'Vodis in-game (466-251-153) if interested or to learn more.
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  • Tie-Ronin-Poster.png

    227 Mil / 14/29* LS/DS Geo /37+ Wat Shards / Need 2-4 Active Players

    Are You ready to become Free? To Discard Your Masters? To be a able to do as you wish? Become one of The Rōnin. Our 227 Mil GP HSTR Guild Is Growing Rapidly and We are Seeking New Members to Continue its Growth!

    What We Offer:
    • All Heroic Raids(EST)
    • Very High Win Ratio in TW
    • GEO TB Focused (14/29 Star Avg -- Always Improving)
    • 37+ Wat Tambor Shards
    • Great Discord Community, with Tons of Great Information for Constant Growth
    • Fast Growing Motivated Active Guild, With Good Participation(29k+ Daily)
    • Strong and Experienced Leadership.

    What You Bring To The Table:
    • Preferably 4+ Mil GP or Better
    • A GEO TB/TW Focused Roster
    • SWGOH.GG and Discord Accounts That Are Used Actively
    • No Issues Getting That Pesky Daily 600 Done
    • A Fun Attitude

    Here Is Where You Can Check Us Out:

    Contact Me On Here or Discord: Vengefulcruelty#9264
  • SamWise
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    Hi all,

    We have a very friendly and positive group of 45 guild members, we support each other, are pretty easy going and run heroic raids. We have some strong experts to help us co-ordinate our territory war and guild events and have been #winning a lot lately :)

    We are looking to take on up to 5 people to join us (level 80 and above please).

    Our guild leadership has been together for three years.

    We are US (EST and PT) based, and use the in app chat function, plus optional discord channel. We have a few rules, login at least every 14 days, and we have join periods for our raids.

    Let us know if you have questions -we would love to have you join us and grow together.
    Guild GP is at 99 million. Please reach out and let's chat.
    Sam Wise ( Ally code - 541-139-945 )
    Discord: Samth3star#8935
    Guild Name: Blasters and Beer
  • mtl.png

    Hello All, Much To Learn is looking for new members. We are an independent original Day 1 guild with 171+ Million GP.

    All raids Heroic. Raids run between 4PM EDT and 9PM EDT (GMT -4 for HSTR).

    Joining TW is optional but once you join you must participate

    TB's are Mandatory:
    DS GEO 18 :star:
    LS GEO 7 :star:
    Hoth 40+ :star:

    Try your best to get 600 tickets daily, but we know real life is a thing so we wont hassle you if you miss it occasionally.

    Discord and are a must please.

    A link to our guild is:
  • History of the Hippo Masters

    After some time of playing the game, and trying to join Multiple Guilds that would not accept a low level member, I gave up and just played. Not knowing what to really do with crystals in the beginning, they started to accumulate. So, I decided, if I can't join a guild, I will make my own. My son, who by the way, got me hooked on this game, has an obsession of sorts with Hippos. So, he inspired me to create 'THE HIPPO MASTERS'!!
    I wanted a guild that was not here to pressure members to participate. Just a place for people to come, Participate when they want and help each other to progress, Play the game and have a good time.
    After some time, the odd player would come in and check the guild out, But being only one member, they didnt stick around. Until one member did. We forged on and did our best in raids. Then one day... another Member... The three of us had a good time encouraging each other and chatting once in a while.
    Eventually, one more member, and another, and another.... Finally, the group got bigger and stronger. We have now grown to a strong, Co-operative, Friendly group!!! All with the goal that I had in mind.

    We are seeking active members to participate in TW, Raids and any other possible event that crosses our path! Currently we are un-defeated In TW!!

    If you are looking for a strong group to encourage and help you anyway we can, send me a message: Ally code:393-925- 816 of find The Hippo Masters and check us out! Discord chat is preferred. Send me a message for a link if you prefer to chat there.

    Be safe out there!!
    Uncle Hermit Ben!
  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (
    (Invite only)

    We are looking for 7-10 active people to join our guild. We are one independent guild of three in an alliance.
    We prefer that you're Geo DSTB ready or working on it.

    • Must be active - daily players only
    • Must be at minimum level 85
    • Must be at minimum have 3m GP
    • Must have account
    Here's our rules...
    • Be active: do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    • No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    • We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed. Rules are as follow...
      • For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
      • For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened).
    • Geo DSTB: we get about 20 stars, 11 WAT shards
    • Geo LSTB: we get about 8 stars (doing Hoth for now to get GET1)
    • Hoth LSTB: we get about 40 stars (currently focus)
    • HPIT (Sims)/HAAT/HSTR: 24 hours wait period, start time is 8 local rotating with EST, PST, EU (Germany)
    • Discord is optional - rated PG :)
    Any questions? Or welcome aboard? :)
  • NottaClone
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    Cole Grover

    Potentially looking for up to 3 new members
    Current Guild GP - 192 Million
    (currently at 50 members)

    Guild Reset @ 7:30pm EDT (UTC-4)

    Fairly laid back and easy going Guild.
    Daily participation is encouraged and appreciated. Together we all grow stronger!
    Communication is valued through in-game chat, and on our optional Discord server.
    "" profiles are highly recommended, but not required.

    All Heroic Raids! (Sith Raid every 5-6 days)

    LS Hoth Territory Battles 42+ ☆
    DS Hoth Territory Battles 45+ ☆
    LS Geonosis Territory Battle 7 ☆
    DS Geonosis Territory Battle 16 ☆

    Minimum GP > 2.5 Million
    300+ Raid Ticket daily average required.

    You can contact me here, or in-game...
    "NottaClone" Ally Code: 166-786-742
    Or on Discord... NottaClone#1674

    We also belong to a pretty cool Alliance if you would like to check them out...
    •One community for standalone guilds.
    •You keep your guild's independence, but share knowledge and recruitment efforts.
    •Accepting all individuals; and groups/guilds are more than welcome to stop by and see what we have to offer at "SIGMA NATION"
  • Hey all are you looking for a guild that is building for end game stuff but don't want to deal with all the drama of one of those massive guilds? That if you fail to reach the requirements you could get kicked? Do you want a guild who's been around for a while with stable leadership and is drama free? Come to Blue Knights 2, we have a GP of 60,066,483....We have Heroic Rancor on farm, we run Sith at tier 5, and we clear Heroic Tank. If you want to join a guild that's building to something great, apply to Blue Knights 2. We have no level requirements or contribution requirements either, we figure it benefits everyone to put the most into the game so we don't need to force the issue. Our only rules are, no drama, help when you can, contribute what you can, be active, and have fun. Please contact me here if you have any questions. If you want to join, apply and room will be made for you. Thank you for reading and hope to see you in the galaxy far far away.
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    New AA Empire looking for 12 players.

    We’re 172 million with an average of 4.5 million. Our last DS geo we pulled in 16 stars and 14 wat shards. Are close to several more stars and wat shards. Just did our first LS geo and pulled 5 stars. We also just missed out on several more stars. With a couple extra members we get 10 stars our next LS geo. Will have Ki Adi mundi shards in the upcoming LS geo as well.

    Mostly US based guild with a 13:30 Arizona time reset. We have discord but it’s not required. All we want is participation in TW/TB. All heroic with a 24 hour join period. We also don’t harass or call out members. If there’s an issue we have a private chat. We hate the high pressure route. We want everyone to have fun.

    PM me or send an in game message. 987-392-717 is my ally code.

    We aren’t interested in joining an alliance so don’t ask.

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    We are "Exacklay" an independent guild made up of a lot of veteren players and newer ones keen to continue moving forward in a fun but still competitive environment.

    If your a keen player (3milgp+preferred but activity/participation more important)looking for a well run guild,
    With strong veteran players, and a fun environment then we would love to hear from you!

    Most from Australia/New Zealand but accepting All countries/players level 85 who contribute
    Only accepting active players
    we currently do heroic sith 8pm nz time

    TW:75% win rate

    Discord group available once you have been accepted
    Must do 600 per day be active and willing to build the required teams to help the guild advance.

    If interested add obi one:543 463 264
    Or message me on discord: obi one🇳🇿#1318
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