Active Guilds Looking For Players - July 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Are you looking to grow and have fun!
    Looking for 1 more
    Looking for competitive players
    Geo-TB and TW FOCUS-Knights of the fallen
    Do you have 4.0 mil gp or higher??
    Having Malak, Padme, DR, Revan, GAS, legendary Rey or Kylo is a plus..
    We are looking for a few members
    223mil GP guild 4.5 mil gp Average
    All Heroic raids-alternate weeks-24 hour check-in
    Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST week 2-7pm EST
    Heroic AAT- 10pm EST week 2-8pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST week 2-6pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB-GEO and TW participation
    Consistently win TW
    30 WAT shards
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
    Guild reset 7:30pm Est
  • 242 Mil GP Australian based guild called ‘The Force of Madness’ is currently looking for one new player
    Currently we are 27* DS Geo & 12 * LS Geo
    Raid times are 9 PM AEST, although if tickets suit, we will do a morning HSTR on the weekend at 9 AM
    Our requirements are:
    4.5 mil GP or higher
    Active daily
    If interested, can either message me here or in game on my ally code 871 883 268
    Thanks Coco
  • Guild Name: Space Pirates
    Current Guild GP: 223M (45/50)
    Geo LS/DS TB: 12*/27*
    Wat Shards: (30+)
    Actively farming KAM Shards
    Ally Code: 492-958-912

    Looking for 1-5 people (can potentially take more) that want to join an active and competitive, but not demanding super chill independent guild. We're an US based independent guild that uses Discord. Run raids at rotating times of 10 am and 8 pm ET.

    Only requirement is people are able to contribute getting Wat Shards.

    If you're interested feel free to add and msg me in game, msg me on Discord @ Jayce_Unbourne#6643, or msg me here.
  • Electrus
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    The Fìnal Order (with an ì that has a goofy point)
    229M gp with 49/50 filled
    We are relaxed and fun focused but we are competitive as well. So don’t worry about being chastised for missing a day of tickets or anything like that. We are independent so don’t join an alliance and be stuck in a stupid placement guild.
    We just had to trim some inactive players.
    Come join us, we will help you get Wat shards and grow faster than you would otherwise!

    Limited time offer: free pics from my magazine collection.

    What we want:
    -At or about 3.5m or more
    -Daily 500-600 tokens please
    -guild event participation
    -discord chat and preferably acct
    -fun people

    About us:
    We are perfectly capable of doing all heroic raids.
    History of geonosian raids
    GeoDS: 25 stars (34 Wat shards)
    GeoLS: 12 stars
    These will be a bit lower until we are full again
    Currently on a hot streak in TW

    Many of us have been together for years.
    So if you are disillusioned with your guild or just want a change of pace please send me an ally request:
    or hop onto our discord: cv7ztkK

    Hear from you soon, E
  • DocDoom
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    The Zefiro have a vacancy in time for Geo LS TB! 12* last time, hoping for at least 13 now. (28 in DS Geo, also reaching for at least one more next time.)

    Based in East US timezone, hit raids around 8:15p after a 24h join. Active but laid-back enough to know that this game isn't central to everyone's life...all we expect is for members to participate in events, and communicate if they're not going to be able to.

    Please have at least 4.5m GP to inquire (a little less is okay if you have a very focused roster).

    Contact DocDoom#3475 on Discord for more!
  • :boom: Ewokolypse Rising is Recruiting :boom:
    • ~245 million+ GP
    • Guild Reset: 5:30PM / 6:30PM Eastern Time
    • 29:star: DS Geo Territory Battles (primary focus) 30+ Wat Shards
    • 12 :star: LS Geo Territory Battles
    • HPIT sim enabled
    • HAAT alternates 11:00 AM / 6:00 PM Eastern Time
    • HSTR alternates 12:00 PM / 7:00 PM Eastern Time
    • ~30million + damage for top 10 HSTR

    • 600 tickets daily
    • Join all raids
    • Participate in TB
    • Participate in TW on offense & defense
    • account
    • Actively monitor Discord
    • 4 million + GP, with some exceptions
    • DR, JKR, and one other solid G12 team preferred

    We understand that life happens. We ask that if you will not be able to get tickets, or participate in events, you inform us so that we can plan accordingly.

    For more information, contact Norax#6345 on Discord, join our Discord server, or check out our profile.
    Malachor Rebørn
    224+mil gp
    We are a great combination between casual and competitive. We are fully heroic with HAAT at 9PM EST and HSTR at Noon & 8PM EST. We get 27/11 stars GeoDS/LS
    We are a community that looks out for each other. Discord & 600 tickets daily is mandatory. We are looking for 1 player that has:
    Min 3.5mil gp
    Has both JKR and Drevan
    Working on Seps and/or GAS
  • InglouriousSith - 126M GP looking for some new blood!

    Minimum requirements of 600 tickets per day as well as participation in Guild Events.
    24 hour join period on all Raids to ensure everyone gets rewards. Raids are done very quickly and often so ideal for those looking to unlock Raid characters. Currently doing Dark Side Geo TB and looking to progress to Light Side. Guild activity reset is currently 19:30 UK time.

    We are an active and friendly guild, but also laid back. No character or GP requirements, Revans are desired but it’s not a problem if you’re not there yet, just be active and join in!

    Active Discord channel with lots of other discussion apart from the game. Feel free to come see us:

    We probably have 10+ places available so if there is a small group who want to merge in then just let us know. Officer places would be available on the basis.

    If you don’t have Discord, not a problem, just send me a message here with your ally code to chat in game.
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    От Вас мы хотим: приём на основе гм и раскачки склада
    1. Уровень прокачки аккаунта максимум 85.
    2. Ваша ГМ не меньше 1 ляма приоритет пачки на тёмный и свётлый Джео.
    3. Наличие не меньше одной пачки с 7* для участия в рейдах.
    4. Участие во всех мероприятиях гильдии: рейды, тер. битвы, войны гильдий Хот и Джеонизис.
    5. Желание быстро прокачать соответствющих персонажей для территориальных битв (светлые, темные, флот).
    6. Желательно Ваше присутствие в чате гильдии в WhatsApp.
    7. Желательно наличие пачек для ситхорейда 7й категории (иметь для ситхорейда не меньше одной желательно профильной рейдовской пачки с 7*)
    От нас Вы получите:
    1. Рейды гильдии (время по Москве):
    Ранкор 7* Симуляция рейда запуск в 19-00 (время запуска 19-00,первые сутки отмечаемся) Окончание симуляции рейда на следущий день в 12-00
    Танк 7* (время запуска 19-00,первые сутки отмечаемся, запуск и закрытие на следующий день в 19:00). закрываем за 30 минут.
    Ситхи 7* (запускаем по мере закрытия рейда, в среднем это через день). время запуска в 19-00. закрываем примерно до полночи то есть до обновы.
    2. Гильдию с количеством игроков 42/50 и ГМ 139млн.
    3. Помощь и общение, активный обмен деталями.
    4. Актив ГИ составляют игроки с 85 уровнем прокачки.
    5.Светлый Хот - 42 звёзд. Тёмный Хот - 42 звёзд. Светлое Джео - 7. Пока ходим на тёмное Джео - 14 и Светлый Хот.
    6.Война- Выигрыш 7 к 1 в нашу пользу.
    7. Удаление из гильдии: - неактивность: отсутствие без предупреждения в течении 3-х дней, 0 энка в течении 3-х дней при вашем присутствии в игре.
    - не участие в ВГ и ТБ.
    - оскорбление членов гильдии в чате.
    -за не сбор купонов и за нежелание бить ситхорейд
    Общение происходит в чате игры и желательно в WhatsApp, название чата "БЕСТИАРИЙ swgoh" (вводите в поиске без кавычек)
    Возможно слияние с другой гильдии в нашу пользу.
    У нас Дружный и общительный коллектив!!!
    По вопросам о вступлении пишите либо в личку, либо в WhatsApp, в сообщении пишите код союзника. На данный момент гильдия открыта.
  • Hey I’m Rdawg22 recruiter and officer for 4 the rebellion. If you’re looking for a place to call home check us out.We’re extremely chill and easy going (except for our overly sarcastic recruiter)! New players or vets are all welcome (unless you are a new vet, then we don't want you or your hyperdrive bundle account). We don’t ask for much (except naming rights to your firstborn). Be as active as possible (make Richard Simmons proud!!), if there’s a point where you know you won’t be able to play that’s fine (although we do monitor activity to the seconds and if you are 3,962,746 seconds delinquient in playing we will boot you) just communicate that with either myself or another officer and we will hold a Grand Inquest as to your worthiness ranked by meme-sharing, TB deployment of Relicd toons and useless TW defensive holds (were looking at you guy with a fully relicd Phoenix squad in the back territory).
    But in all seriousness:
    - We do all Heroic Raids multiple times a week with Heroic Pit being on Sim.
    - We alternate between DS GEO TB and Hoth TB - but are steadily moving toward DS Geo TB ONLY.
    - We use discord to communicate and strategize! Not required but preferred as it’s much easier.
    So come hangout, relax and have fun. Join us in our debates and daily antics!
    Check us out and see exactly why we are the best guild around and that’s not just me saying that it’s a fact!! Here’s a link to our guild page
  • iv8ddUP.png

    > 1 position open <----

    F8L is a 228+M GP (50/50) active, single guild looking for a players to fill positions due to long time players retirement from the game. Potential for 1 to 2 spots with pending upcoming retirements. Current roster now @ 49/50

    We have Guild team members from US, EU and the UK. No country boundaries here.

    We are a "Casual" active but competitive guild looking to add new player(s) and expand & develop rosters, characters/teams to their full potential. We are not a guild that's going to tell you how to play your game or "you can only play it our way", demand how you're to develop your characters or set rules that are unrealistic and boot folks on a whim. No spreadsheets or overbearing guild leaders. No multiple guilds, tiers or kicking down to a lower guild. What you see is what you get. This is a game and we strive to have fun. Guild Officers are very active and available in-game chat and on Discord for communications.

    Guild is open Invite and searchable in game.

    Guild Requirements:

    * Active Player
    * GP/Roster level commensurate with participation in Geo TB's and TW's.
    * Participate, participation and ultimately participation activity.
    * Active in communication. A Discord channel is available for guild members wishing to participate
    - Guild Discord channel has a full compliment of Bots
    * account/profile

    While signing up for TW events is not mandatory, we ask that you participate if you do. If you must win all TW's then we're not the guild you're looking for. We win some, we lose some. Rewards based on GP are still good all around.

    Participation in TB's with Deployments/Platoons at a minimum. We understand RL time and issues and only ask this as a minimum. Combat Missions highly encouraged and increases the events Stars and rewards.

    Guild Events:

    * 24+ stars in Geo DSTB with active players.
    * All Raids on farm (HPIT, HAAT & HSTR) with launch times 7:00pm (Pit and HSTR) 8:00pm (HAAT)
    EST several times weekly
    - Raids auto launch on ticket requirements
    - Rancor on Sim
    * Hoth DSTB currently on hold while Geo DSTB in play for increased rewards
    * LS Geo TB ready with 12 *'s on average attempts
    * Rotating Hoth LSTB with Geo LSTB game play to allow players to their GET1 rewards for upgrading characters.

    We are actively and aggressively participating in Geo TB with the goal of increasing our total star count for better gear/rewards and additional Wat Tambor shards. Again, Participation with Deployments/Platoons a minimum requirement for TB's.

    Our player average is 4.5+M GP but willing to take on active players with focused rosters who are interested in maximizing their potential regardless of GP. We DO NOT mandate a 600 ticket day, but most accomplish this through their daily game play. Great guild with a great player base who are always willing to help with discussions on theory crafting, team dynamics/synergy and game play. And we won't tell you to move or be reassigned to a different guild, because there isn't one. Again...We are what you join.

    If F8L sounds like the guild for you, you're the player we need.

    Discord: MiketheFireman#4329 Ally Code: 896-135-761 Guild Leader and point of Contact for recruitment. Message me if you have any questions or inquire in-game. 👍
  • Hello all!!! We are NewGuildCity a very experienced group who have lost several players lately. We currently reside at 45 members if you are looking to become stronger
    this is the place for you. We are a laid back group currently running heroic Rancor and Haat along with Heroic Sith. Most of our guild are seasoned players who are strong and can help newer players evolve.
    Guild Power:114mil
    Guild Members:45/50 some are close to inactive status
    Guild requirements: none, we understand life comes first, just don't be inactive for 30 days
    Territory Wars we generally win only a handful of losses.
    Territory Battles 28 on hoth, 5-6 on geo.
    We do offer discord for help.
    We are a tight group. Truly good people to play with and zero drama and that's a big fat zero.
    I am Dark Mader Ally Code: 124-145-765
    Leader UncleBuccos Ally Code: 288-164-562
  • Looking for a guild that likes to have fun while still being competitive? Looking for a guild that does all heroic raids, is going after Wat Tambor shards, and is pursuing GAS and GL Kylo and Rey? Then our guild is for you!

    Guild Name: Krath Battalion

    SWGOH.GG Profile:

    Discord: We have one, but prefer to only invite once you're part of the guild. We're trying to get more active on there, too!

    Guild GP: 165,000,000 (with 41 members)

    Raids: hPIT sim (join period at 5:30 PM EST, sims 12 hours later), hAAT join period at 9 AM EST, opens 12 hours later), hSTR (usually clear in a few hours, join period at 6 AM EST, opens 12 hours later)

    Territory Battles: Consistently get 15-16 stars in DS Geo TB and 7-8 stars in LS Geo TB!

    Requirements: We like to have fun and encourage each other in this guild! We're pushing to get as many accounts with DR, Malak, and GAS, and we're also pushing for some of the GLs down the road (one member has GL Kylo!). We don't have a strict GP requirement, but at least 1.5 million or above would be preferred. Obviously, a strong roster is preferable to a bloated GP, so if you have a good roster of meta-relevant toons (specifically ones to help with the Geo TBs), we'd love to have you regardless of GP!

    Contact: You can message me on here if interested or reach out to me in the game. My ally code is 314-991-564.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!
    NoseComplaint, Krath Battalion Leader
    Ohnaka wants you for his crew! Come join our rag tag group of outlaws and let's take on the galaxy!!

    We are a like minded veteran clan on the rebuild! TB coordinators, TW specialists and more! Come join our discord that is jam packed with features to help the new and veteran players! We even have a foodie channel! Little comedy goes a long way (:

    Looking for new and active crewmates to add to our ranks!

    Before you can join ole Ohnaka's crew, there are a few requirements of course!

    Requirements, 3M + GP
    Mandatory Discord

    Our raid times and resets are as follows

    Guild reset 6:30pm EST
    Pit 7:00pm EST
    Haat 8:00pm EST
    HSTR 9:00pm EST

    Come join the dastardly crew and let's plunder the galaxy!

    Currently 17/50 74M GP

    Slick Rick#3408 or
  • Valariel
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    Trade Negotiations is recruiting! (252m GP, 30*/15* DS/LSTB)

    Please contact us on Discord (

    When introducing yourself, please include your profile.
  • Xryanne
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    AGGRESSIVE NEGOTIATIONS is a strong guild looking for a few new members!! Until recently we’ve had a full rooster but with times being what they are we’ve lost a few guild mates. We are looking for solid players wanting to grow their roosters and contribute daily. No discord required. We are Aggressive competitively yet Negotiably chill 😉
    You can find us at:

    GP: 224+ mil
    DS GEO: 24 stars
    LS GEO: 12 stars
    RAIDS: 1pm EST
    Full event participation for TW/TB
    PLAYER GP MINIMUM: 3.5 mil

    Feel free to message me @ Ally code 583-879-833

  • Jbone89
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    The Rêpublîc Umbara
    • We are a 270+ mil GP guild looking for well established players to shore up our ranks.
    • We are a TB focused guild. Casual in TW but if you sign up we expect everyone to be competitive.
    • 30 stars in DS geo TB (45+ Wat shards)
    • 17 stars in LS geo TB. Should get 18-19 next time around (5+ KAM shards) Our main push now
    • Predominantly USA based guild, but a few from around the globe.
    • Guild reset is 10:30 pm EST.
    • Rotating raid times between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm EST

    We are part of The Republic, an amazing family of 17 guilds with players from around the world. We are a fun, semi-dedicated guild that is focused on dominating the new TB. We are seeking fun people looking for a team focused on improving and sharing their love for the game.

    What we ask of you:
    • Must be active daily on Discord(I.e. if you are pinged respond)
    • 5mil+ GP - Key squads well geared. If you are below the GP requirement don’t let that discourage you from having a conversation.
    • 600 Daily Raid Tickets Mandatory
    • Full participation in TB

    Feel free to message me here, in game, or on our discord above. When you get to our server just mention you saw an ad for Umbara. All of our guilds are called The Republic with different variations. Look forward to hearing from you!
    Jbone – Ally code 572-563-266

    Or if this guild does not meet your needs hop into our alliance discord and we can find something for you!
  • My_Goren1
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    We have 5 openings. Willing to add a small group

    Galactic Soldiers
    Semi-Casual UK Guild (200GP)
    Sith Raids 8pm UK
    Tank Raids 9pm UK
    LS Geo – 7+ Stars
    DS Geo – 20+ Stars

    - Participate Daily
    - Communicate reasons for long periods on inactivity

    No Minimum Requirement (All GPs welcomed
  • Ziryab
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    Guild Power: 230M GP

    Bounty Hunting Season part of Sith Hunting Season Alliance

    Guild Members: We are looking for active players that have a good roster with a minimum of 3.5GP. We have a fun time in this alliance. We believe real life comes first. We are very active and expect each member to contribute in every phase in TB and each TW and get your 600.

    Raids: Heroic Rancor, on Sim
    Heroic AAT, Farm Status
    Heroic Sith Raid, Farm Status

    Territory Battles:
    (Hoth) Light Side: Max Stars. Moved on to Geo
    Dark Side: Max Stars. Moved on to GEO.

    (Geo) Dark Side: 25+ Stars
    Light Side: 9+ Stars

    Best thing to do is join our discord and ask questions. If this guild is for you, search us up in the Guild search in-game, and come walk on in. 

    Guild Discord Link:

    My personal Info: Recruiter: Ally code: 541-126-544 Discord name: Ziryab#6234

    If I'm not available, you can also reach: Preston Ally Code: 752-372-977 Discord Name: preston#8806 OR Genisis! His Discord Name: Ge”ni”sis#5630
  • Guild Name: VIII (spelled viii)
    Guild-GP: 215M GP Guild-Link:
    You can join our Discord Servers Guild Recruitment Channel with this link to instantly get in touch with us. There is always someone online :)
    ***We are currently recruiting 2-4 new active 3M+ GP members. We're a fun and active guild with a solid group of members.***
    We are a mostly North American based guild, but we have several members in Asia and Europe. That means there is almost always someone online!
    Who are we looking for? You! That player at 3M GP or higher, active daily and wants to improve and help others to grow! Must have a couple good G13 squads for Territory Wars and Territory Battles.
    VIII Critical Info!
    RAIDS: Fully Heroic
    TW – 50 wins and counting! We rarely lose. We are in the 3 zeta bracket for a win, 2 for a loss. One guild officer coordinates offensive and defensive strategies. Must have ready squads
    TB – We are getting 26 stars in DS Geo and 10 stars in LS Geo.
    Discord is now required. Discussions other than SWGoH encouraged!
    Guild activity reset is at 7:30PM EST.
    We have no requirements for raid tickets; just do what you can. We all have lives to lead!
    Finally, chat first when you join so we know you are able to see the chat and take part
    Ohh…and HAVE FUN!
    If interested, please either reply here, PM me, or contact myself or another guild member.
    In-game I'm both Dark Helmet (561-425-188) and Upgrayedd (563-833-936).
    You can also join our Discord Servers Guild Recruitment Channel with this link to instantly get in touch with us. There is always someone online :)
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    254mil GP UK Guild

    Currently looking for one player to join us after this Geo TB

    Guild Reset - 5.30pm (UK)
    - HRancor - 8pm - Simmed (UK)
    - HTank - 8pm (UK)
    - HSTR - 9pm (UK)
    - Discord required
    - Daily contribution of 600 Tickets is encouraged but we understand RL may affect that so no pressure!
    - LSTB 45 Star (suspended)
    - DSTB 44 Stars (suspended)
    - DS Geo - 30 Stars - LS Geo - 14 stars
    - Need to contribute to TW/TB

    4mil GP minimum requirement, If you don’t meet the requirements, Talk to us 👍🏻

    We are a fun, friendly and helpful guild! Join our discord to find out more about us!
  • Die Petzi's Padawans ( suchen Verstärkung!
    Zwei unserer langjährigen Mitglieder werden des Spieles müde und mit schwerem Herzen suche ich nun neue Mitstreiter für uns.
    Unsere Gilde gibt es fast seit den Anfängen und wurde nach und nach durch aktive neuere Spieler erweitert. Daher finden bei uns sowohl alte Hasen, wie auch Neueinsteiger einen Platz, solange sie unseren Spielstil teilen:
    Das ist nur ein Spiel, aber wenn wir etwas spielen, wollen wir gewinnen und uns verbessern. Das echte Leben geht aber natürlich vor.
    Wir haben derzeit 146mio GP.
    Spielen alle Raids heroisch.
    Wobei der HAAT und HRancor um 18:00 UTC und der HSITH im Wechsel um 18:00 UTC und 2 UTC (unseren paar Mitgliedern aus Amerika zu liebe) beginnen.
    Alle drei mit 24h Beitrittsphase.
    Der HAAT hat zusätzlich ein Gruppensystem, **** jeder die Chance hat Top 10 zu sein (das ist wiederum unseren neueren Mitgliedern zu liebe)
    Auch sonst steht bei uns teamplay im Vordergrund.
    Geo LS 7 Sterne, Geo DS 13 Sterne,
    Und zwei Niederlagen in den letzten zwei Jahren im TB und ein optionaler Discord channel bezeugen das!
    Bei Fragen stehen ich hier oder ingame: 157-812-111 zur Verfügung.

    Euer GreatMacros

    Ohnaka wants you for his crew! Come join our rag tag group of outlaws and let's take on the galaxy!!

    We are a like minded clan of veteran players! TB coordinators, TW specialists and more! Come join our discord that is jam packed with features to help the new and veteran players! We even have a foodie channel! Little comedy goes a long way (:

    Looking for new and active crewmates to add to our ranks!

    Before you can join ole Ohnaka's crew, there are a few requirements of course!

    Requirements, 3M + GP
    Mandatory Discord

    Our raid times and resets are as follows

    Guild reset 6:30pm EST
    Pit 7:00pm EST
    Haat 8:00pm EST
    HSTR 9:00pm EST

    Come join the dastardly crew and let's plunder the galaxy!

    Currently 20/50 79M GP
    4 day old Guild!
    Join before its too late!

    Slick Rick#3408 or
  • Hey all, chello26tt here inviting you to join the pendejos

    We are just over 125mil GP and a friendly crew doing TW, heroic Pit and Tank raids, very soon heroic Sith (currently on tier 6) and we alternate TB.

    We are looking for a few active players to fill in empty spots.

    Requirements are: 2.5mil GP and a discord account and be as active as you can.

    One rule: 7 days inactivity and you are booted unless you give reason as we understand you have a life outside the game...

    Join us on discord : or my ally code : 847-851-959 if you have questions.

    Hope you can join us and lets share in the fun...
  • JediJon
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    ‘No Younglings Allowed’ are recruiting. We are looking for 1 active player to come and join us, so look below and if that sounds like you then give us a shout!

    • No Younglings Allowed 231M – an original day 1 independent UK guild
    • Guild Activities refresh 19:30 (UTC)
    • All Heroic Raids (24hr join period) Pit is simmed 19:30 (UTC); HAAT and HSTR launch automatically when tickets reach launch cost (19:00 (UTC) and 20:00 (UTC) respectively)
    • Geonosis TBs (DS 26 stars (25+ Wat shards)/LS 13 stars) / TW 70% win rate
    • TB we expect everyone to take part (Platoons/Combat Missions/Deployment)
    • TW we require a minimum 200M+ GP to join (45+ members for each war)
    • 600 Raid Tickets daily is not enforced but we encourage everyone to do as much as they can (Raids won’t launch without them)
    • Our player-base - UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania and Australia

    • 4M+ GP (3.5M with a strong focused roster will be considered); ideally have the following squads: JKR, DR + Malak, Padme, GAS, 7* Hounds Tooth with 7* Bossk, Hans M’Falcon and also (or at least be actively farming) GR and Separatist toons to help in the Geonosis TBs
    • A good sense of humour and willingness to get involved; from giving advice, being active in chat (in game or discord); we also appreciate you posting any planned absence with as much notice as possible (we appreciate you have a real life too)

  • Lothal Ghost Crew has 1-3 spots available to clear if you're looking for a casual but very active guild. We're currently 101m GP. US east coast time based. We run all heroic raids with staggered start times to accommodate our members from England to California. We use in game chat.
    Requirements are just to participate on a regular basis, particularly in territory battles. Other than that, enjoy the game and collect the toons you want. Level 85 minimum.
    Send me a note and I'll open up a slot for you. Ally Code 565-672-741.
  • == SithLords PL ==
    • Members: 47/50
    • Min. lvl: 80
    • Min. GP: 2M
    • Rancor: HPIT sim
    • Sith: HSTR
    • Tank: HAAT
    • Total GP: 179kk
    • Czat: wymagane czytanie
    • Dzienna aktywność: 450 tiketów
    • Aktywność w Rajdach / TB / TW

    Z nami będziesz miał postęp i rósł w sile tak jak my.
    Członkami sa aktywni gracze, tak wiec mamy doświadczenie i znamy zasady nie od dziś.
    Reset o 18:30

    Zachęcam do odwiedzin.
    Wymagamy aktywności.

    Ally code: 938226976
  • == PL SithΔri ==
    • Members: 1/50
    • Min. lvl: 40
    • Min. GP: 0M
    • Rancor: PIT
    • Sith: STR
    • Tank: AAT
    • Total GP: 1kk
    • Czat: wymagane czytanie
    • Dzienna aktywność: 250 tiketów
    • Aktywność w Rajdach / TB / TW

    Zapraszam do Gildii dla nauki lub promocji do gildii głównej.
    Reset o 18:30

    Zachęcam do odwiedzin.
    Wymagamy aktywności.

    Ally code: 176-474-312
  • hyme
    123 posts Member
    Heroes with 1000 Faces
    Currently looking for 3 individuals to join our ranks due too many long term members retiring.
    Currently 47/50 - 171 mil GP
    Current requirements are level 85 and 2.5 mil GP
    We have 90% win ratio in TW
    We get 20+ stars in DS Geo TB
    We get 9+ on current LS Geo TB.
    We expect everyone to sign up for all raids when they log, participation is optional.
    We expect everyone to deploy all characters and ships in TB as they log.
    We expect that if an individual does not want to or can not actively participate in TW, That they do NOT sign up. If an individual signs up we expect active participation throughout the event.
    Everyone in our group does their part including officers and we expect the same for new members.
    We do not have farming requirements or force people to pay. We hope all enjoy the game and will work together to progress. We hope you choose to join us on your journey.
    Contact us on Discord at
    Contact us in-game at
    Petrol 768-394-336
    Orion DiJackal 138-587-223
    Eklektos51 553-699-369
    Hyme 271-481-216
  • TheGalacticOrder wants you!

    Is the wife constantly yelling at you to stop playing silly phone games? Is work playing second fiddle? Welcome home.

    207 mil GP guild that has been playing together with a good group for years. 18-20 stars DS Geo TB. Looking to replace a few guys that are slowing down.

    Join us on our discord chat if interested:
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