Ally Code Sharing [July 2020]

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Greetings Holo Tables Veterans and Novices,

Are you a newer player who would like to borrow really strong characters to use on the Light Side, Cantina, Mod Battle or challenge holo-tables?

Are you an older player who is willing to let others borrow your characters?

Here, new players and veteran players can post their ally codes!

Find new allies using the following rules:
> Post your ally code if your willing to become allies with others in the community!
> What lead you have set or are looking for on the tables
> No additional text or the post will be edited/removed


  • davidwanqwerty
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    Ally code 839-194-799. i have a 7 star windu lead in light side, and 5 star palpatine lead everywhere else. if you would like, i can also switch my dark side lead to vader which has dealt 20000 damage with merciless+swing. nearly half filled, now only accepting requests from people who can help me in battle(5 star+ lead, gear lvl 7 or higher.)
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    no longer a f2p since i bought the hyperdrive bundle
  • 375-143-573, 7* relic 2 JK Revan, 7* gl12 brood alpha, lots of space still!
  • 862-469-339

    I started yesterday and I am looking for allies to help me in the first steps of the game.
  • TheMaster12345
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    edited July 27
    Only a couple spots left. Allies must now be as good as my account or better for me to accept the request.



    Best team is currently a 53,000 power Jedi team that has GMY, Jolee, Ezra, and Kanan with a Bastila lead. Dark side is a Palp lead with Vader, Thrawn, Kylo U, Boba Fett.
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  • KaliMendo
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    Ally Code 772-688-236

    Galactic Power 801,411
    Galactic Power (Characters) 520,486
    Galactic Power (Ships) 280,925
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  • 139-746-179
  • Oink
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    Ally code 194-479-125
    Full G13, all Zetas, and relic 7 for over a dozen toons. If you need help, request. Just stay active.
  • Shaneg01
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    Sorry all full
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  • Ultimate_J3di
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    Mainly looking for a good dark side leader
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  • New account looking for allies to help!

  • NilocSythfor
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    5.9mil GP, got some room for new players

    Sorry full
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  • New to the game. Only started playing this week. Love it! Below is my ally code.

  • Gjarboni
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    6.78M GP. General Skywalker and Darth Vader leads, both G13 R7. All welcome.

    Full up now, sorry. 17 new allies!
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  • Code 822-166-728
    Lots of spots open and can change leaders out if needed
  • I'm a veteran player with 2.7 mil GP with a 7* Relic 1 Jedi Knight Revan, and a 7* Gear 12 Darth Revan. My ally code is 921-886-821.
  • Debuff
    186 posts Member
    i have room for about a dozen new allys
    R7 General Skywalker set to light side
    R4 Darth Revan set to dark side
    R7 Darth Vader set to Cantina
  • KNa
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    I’m a returning player after 4years break. I just started a new account yesterday. I’m looking for allies to help me going fast.
    Thanks for your help.
    This is my ally code: 573-624-742
  • Just starting out and could use any and all help. Much appreciated!

  • Been playing for years but just started really getting into it this year, need help!

  • New player and could use some help for the more difficult nods. Plenty of ally spots available so happy to add any / all. Thanks.


  • Returning player after like 3 years. Daily player 716-479-984
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