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I have a situation. After the TB rewards i was kicked from the guild before i could claim the rewards. What should i do?


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    Bummer! There's nothing you can do as far as I know.
  • Pro Tip --> Never wait to collect rewards. You never know what can happen.
  • So, I have a couple gripes here. Most with Geo TB.

    1) My guild had 19 players successfully complete the Wat Tambor mission, I needed 18 shards to unlock him. When rewards for that phase were dished out, we were only given 13. What the literal hell is with this garbage?!
    2) During an earlier phase in Geo TB, I was halfway through a combat mission where I was using geonosians, and was doing very well. Game crashes on me in phase 2 of that mission. I lost all progress and only contributed strength of my Geo team. I was quite livid.
    3) Completely unrelated to Geo TB, but shards for key characters and high level gear drops are atrocious. Does your algorithm hate f2p players like me and most of my guild mates?

    Seriously, consider fixing this game in a huge way so that it's fun again...
  • 1) how do you know 19 completed it? If you are using the stats pages to tell you this, be advised that this stat counts attempts, not completions.
    2) yes, this sucks - though usually you would earn the points for completing phase 1? The game did the same to me last LSTB on wave 4 of a Jedi mission which meant I finished 1 wave behind the best in our guild on 64 waves. I got the points for 3/4 though.
    3) the drop rate for everything is the same for all players. Shards 33%, high end gear 20%.
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