Full heroic guild looking to fill a couple of spots ..No discord needed. We are at 145 million Gp

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We are an active casual full heroic guild.
We sim Hpitt 3x a wk.. We do Hatt 3x a wk.. We do Hsith 2x a wk.. All raids are 24 hr join to give everyone a chance to join since they dont last very long..
We rotate start times on Hatt n Hsith.. 4 pm est and 8 pm est.. These are the times the guild chose.
They are subject to change once we get more members with a 7 star Kenobi to accommodate other members from all over..
To give everyone a chance to get their 7 star General Kenobi, we have a restriction to only hit in phase 4 if u have a 7 star General Kenobi already.
We alternate Territory Battles.
We are now starting to get Watt shards.
We have a win ratio of 90% in Territory War

We dont have ticket requirements or Toon requirements.. Play how u want and farm who u want.
All we expect from you is to be active and join in guild activities..
We have a 7 day inactivity rule.. If you dont notify us that ur going to be inactive for more then 7 day straight.. You are subject to removal for inactivity.

We use Line App.. Not required ...
If interested here is my ally code
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