Help! Looking to better up going through the Phoenix team

Hi everyone! I need your advice. I'm level 80, but spent most of the time playing around with no goal and improved heroes that are no worthy. Since level 70 I started taking the game seriously and improving the Phoenix team, but as I still have a mediocre squad I sucks in arenas and in galactic wars! Any advice in how to continue I would really appreciate!
PS I'm f2p


  • It looks like you're taking the same path I did. Finish that Phoenix team. GMY is good but at your point, a full Phoenix team is going to do better due to their synergy, imo. If you have resources to spare, start farming Bastilla. She's a tremendous lead with jedi so your Ezra and Kanan don't totally go to waste. Don't bother taking them to far just because they're not the best in the end game. Don't worry about Sabine. Having her at 5* is sufficient for her ship and not that intensive for farming. Only level up and gear the character's you're using at this point, otherwise you're wasting resources. I went to the point that I wouldn't level up characters past one level less than I was when I was where you're at in the game. So for you right now, I'd only level to 79, because this maximizes the use of your credits and training droids, although the amount saved is minimal most of the time.
  • Arena takes a long time to get anywhere. You're best bet for arena imo, is palp lead, with vader, thrawn, tarkin and TFP. Get a zeta on Palps lead and vaders merciless massacre as soon as possible. Keep farming Phoenix(except Sabine) to 7*. Since you have Hera and Ezra at 7*, I would use your cantina energy for KRU, and imperial tie fighter pilot to improve your fleet. You can throw kru in your empire squad until you get thrawn up and running
  • Also, in galactic war, you can back out of a battle and try it again if you lose a toon. Phoenix works very well in gw, due to their protection and health recovery. Maxing out zeb and choppers uniques will help with that.
  • Also make sure you read the other threads in the new players section, many of them have something to do with Phoenix
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