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Hi i opened a new account and am farming first order who should i farm in squad arena


  • I'll assume you are talking about shipments.

    There is no FO characters in the squad arena shipments and not sure anything that would help you with FO at all. A list of what can show up in each store is here:

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    Shuster123 wrote: »
    Hi i opened a new account and am farming first order who should i farm in squad arena

    Who are you planing on farming next after first order? That could help you decide what to farm in squad arena. Here is a list of who to farm if you want a certain thing.

    Seps: Nute
    Phoenix: Kanan
    Jedi: Kanan and maybe Windu
    Farming for CLS: Leia and Stormtrooper Han
    Bounty Hunters: IG-88 and Greedo
    Fleet commanders: Ackbar, Windu and Tarkin

    Their are some people you shouldn't farm like CUP, Eeth Koth, Chief Nebit, and Ugnaught. Hope this helps! :)
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    Not sure what your goal is but would suggest whatever you are farming try to mirror farm their ships. I didn't focus on ships early and it set me back in fleet arena. Took me a while to get caught up and still have to fight hard every day to finish in the top of my shard. Probably my biggest regret from my early play.
  • I am farming jedi adter first order to get yoda and revan
  • Thanks for the help
  • I started a First order account (f2p) four months ago and here are some screenshots:
    So this is my current roster and it gets me top 350 in squad arena and top 20 in fleet, currently at level 83.
    This is what I did:
    Farm KRU, FOO, FOX, Sith trooper, and phasma for FO team. In hindsight I now think Kylo would be better than FOX, and Phasma was only farmed because she was a easy farm. Hux would be a much more powerful alternative if you can spare the energy. Any five 7* FO can get you BB8 when you reach level 85, which is needed for JTR.
    I also farmed Tarkin and Vader for their ships and a future Empire team.
    Then I farmed Finn, Scav Rey, Resistance Pilot, Hero Finn, and Hero Poe for Resistance. Finn and Scav Rey for JTR. Pilot because his ship, geared and put in first reinforcement, is king of fleet arena between levels 60-75, though its utility drops greatly after level 80 as ships start to get protection and exposes are no longer so powerful. I actually managed to reach rank 1 fleet arena with him at level 65. Hero Finn and Hero Poe because they're top tier toons.
    Afterwards I did Raid Han as I finally got enough shards from raids, Ackbar, Poe, and Biggs for their ships.
    Now I'm working on Vet Han and Vet Chew to finish off JTR farm so that I can get her once I reach 85. Also farming Storm Han, Leia, TFP, and Palp for R2 and CLS later.
  • Thank you for the help i think i will go after all first order to get slkr asap
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