Guild name Original Awesome, all levels welcome, heroic pit and AAT, contact me on discord

Hello there! I’m an officer from a guild called Original Awesome, we aren’t the strongest of guilds but we’re all very friendly and active, we can do heroic pit raid, aat raid and tier 6 sith raid, our level requirement is low and we only ask that you donate where possible, be active and join in on all Territory Wars and battles, my discord tag is PhoenixGaming23#2152. I would be very thankful if you thought about joining our guild, apart from that, good luck on the holotable!
View our guild here for more info:


  • Hi all
    Somethings change and somethings don't.
    Original Awesome are looking for a merge. We currently have 15 or so active members that I would categorise between low mid to high mid game players. Effectively 4m to 7.5M Gp
    If you are interested please contact me
    here or through my IGN
    811- 896-176
    Thanks CF
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