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Hi Holotable Heroes!

Few pairings in Star Wars have had each other’s backs like Threepio & Chewie, who are arriving as a unique combo on the Holotables! The bond forged on Cloud City between one of our favorite droids and Wookiees showed the Empire this unlikely duo is a force to be reckoned with. In addition to being a unique combination unit, Threepio & Chewie offer new gameplay strategies by providing both damage and support abilities, ramping damage, and afflicting Blind on enemies. Only an overgrown mophead would miss out on the chance to add Threepio & Chewie to their collection! So, don't do anything foolish and make sure to participate in the Marquee event, Escape From Cloud City.

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:


Marquee Event: Escape From Cloud City
Chewbacca escaped from the Cloud City of Bespin with the protocol droid C-3PO strapped to his back after he was blasted and captured by the Empire. Unlock Threepio & Chewie in the Marquee event and grow the power of your collection!
  • Event begins: July 16th
  • Required Level: 60

  • Updated the description of Tier 6 in Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker event to no longer mention Threepio & Chewie as an unobtainable unit

  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Home One's “Defiant Volley” could call assists against enemies that were already defeated.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where First Order Stormtrooper's “Return Fire” could call an ally to assist against Darth Revan with “Conqueror” active.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue in the “Aggressive Negotiations” event where Padme Amidala's “Cunning Plan” would not grant Protection Up for each Galactic Republic ally.
  • ART - Adjusted Jedi Knight Luke’s model to have the correct hand size
  • UI - Fixed an issue that caused newer rewards to not be displayed in the reward screen
  • UI - Fixed an issue in the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker event that caused Vader's TIE Advanced pip to not animate when it is damaged


Power up Threepio & Chewie with this brand new bundle! Each bundle includes 30 shards for Threepio & Chewie and 1,350 Crystals!

Bundle includes:
  • Threepio & Chewie Character Shards (x30)
  • Crystals (x1350)
  • Credits (x320,000)
  • XP Droids
  • Ability Materials
Date Available: July 16th
Minimum Level Requirement: 60
Maximum # Purchases: 1

Power up Threepio & Chewie with this brand new pack! Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for Threepio & Chewie and may drop up to 330 SHARDS!

Possible shard drops include: 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 50, 80, 145, 230, 330

Date Available: July 16th
1299 Crystals
Minimum Level Requirements: 60
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