Rey being weird again

So in arena I’m using GLRey and when I fight against another GLRey my opponents Rey goes all weird. She enters her ultimate stance and slides towards me damaging my team then slides back and I can damage her whilst she is in ultimate stance but when she’s in normal stance she’s impervious to damage, in fact the whole team is impervious to damage. This garbage has cost me 3 extra refreshes this week alone. OH AND NOTE TO THE MODERATOR: don’t bother transferring this message to the bugs department coz it falls on deaf ears over there. HEY CG.....FIX YOUR GLREY.


  • TVF
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    I don't get why this has been going on for months with no response, meanwhile they fixed a similar bug for Luke in two hours.
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  • Kyno
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    We dont transfer to Answers HQ, that is a different site and we cannot link between the 2.

    You will need to report you issues there, those are the correct people to handle it. Leaving this message here doesnt give any bug or issue the attention it deserves.
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