What to farm in Guilt Store

Hi! Any advice in what to farm there? Is Cornel Starck, young solo or Tie Pilot of FO useful in any par of the game?



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    Yolo is a waste. FOTP and KR is good for the BB8. Finn and Rey are decent also so you can get JTR. Dengar for a BH squad and for the credit heist. Zam is an OK BH but there's better choices. Any of the clones that show up. Stark is needed for the IPD mission in Hoth DS battles but there's others more important in this store. Sun Fac for a Geo team is also good. Old Ben for CLS. The ewoks that show up for the 3PO event.

    Based on yoru roster, I would do Dengar, Old Ben, FOTP and KR, the Finn. I advise farming Rey from her node as it comes with her ship. After that Sun Fac. Then ewoks. You can farm the rest as you see fit.

    Edit: also, stop farming Mace. Use Ackbar for your fleets. I would prioritize your Fleet commanders Ackbar, Tarkin, then Mace. Ackbar performs better and you need Tarkin for zeta mats from fleet challenges which also requires a few DS ships. Start getting those zeta mats to give yourself a leg up on your competition.
  • Many Thanks!! Yes I stopped farming mace. I on to tarkin every time it appears ;)
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