Crashing a whole bunch today.

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Just curious if anyone else has been crashing a whole bunch since the last update. If so, out of curiosity, do you have Slack?

I seem to crash any time I get a notification from Slack on my iPad. I'll try some fights on my phone and see if it happens there, too.
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  • Yep! HAAT has dropped 2 times in a row in phases 3 and 4. Filed numerous bug reports...THE SOUND OF CRICKETS IS DEAFENING! CG gets 1 more HAAT to fix this or respond otherwise I'll throw in the towel after 4 years. Instability is just unacceptable! It's not 1980!
  • I don't know enough to say slack has nothing to do with the crashing but I'm an Android player and it's been pretty bad for me and others in my guild too. They've got something broken and the fact that the won't even acknowledge the problem is pretty frustrating.
  • My iPad hasn't been crashing ... but it has been hanging. Repeatedly. Like every 3rd to 5th turn in a battle, every 30 or 60 seconds navigating the Cantina. It hangs for at least 3 seconds, longest was about 20 seconds, average 5-10 seconds of just sitting there.

    It keeps coming back, but if I was fighting any time-limited battles (like the old JKR mirror matches), I'd have timed out several by now.
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